Why Nick Likes Corinne On 'The Bachelor' Should Be Obvious If You Consider His Past

Jeff Daly/ABC

I know that many viewers are wondering how Corinne has made it so far on this season of The Bachelor. In the first few weeks of the season, I was definitely of the mind set that she would be eliminated after her entertainment appeal as "the villain" had run out and the competition had become more serious. But we are now in Week 7 and Corinne is hanging in there thanks to a growing bond with Nick. It's taken a little while, but I've finally realized that there's one probable reason why Nick likes Corinne so much that should be obvious to fans and it's hinged on past reality show experiences. (Bustle reached out to Nick for comment on his relationship with Corinne and has not yet received a response.)

If you think about it, Corinne's staying power on The Bachelor is not a conundrum after all. Those of us who thought she would be sent packing within a couple of weeks were not taking into account all that Nick has endured to get to this point and why Corinne might be exactly what he needs because of it. Remember, it's not like this is his first rodeo. Nick has been rejected at the finish line on two seasons of The Bachelorette and each time, he seemed to be completely blindsided, making the breakup even harder. It's these heartbreaks that could explain some of what draws him to Corinne.

First, Nick got all the way to the end of Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette before he was rejected for Josh Murray. Up until that point, it seemed like Nick was the clear frontrunner and he had obviously fallen in love with Andi. Then on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, he and Kaitlyn were very hot and heavy. But in the end, she rejected him at the last moment too, just as he was pulling the ring out of his pocket. It obviously really affected Nick because in the limo afterwards, he said that he was "the biggest joke in the world," which still hurts my heart. Then, when Nick decided to give love another chance and appear on Bachelor in Paradise, he was dropped for Josh — again. He simply couldn't catch a break.

Doesn't it make sense that after three difficult, public heartbreaks, Nick would want something different? Instead of falling hard and fast for someone who hasn't made up their mind, I think he is looking for someone who is extremely clear about their intentions. He probably doesn't want to decipher masked feelings or predict what the future might hold for a relationship that has evolved extremely quickly.

Then comes Corinne. She is not playing any games with Nick, instead putting all of her feelings and desires right on the table. She has made it clear that she's attracted to him, wants to be with him, and willing to fight for his time. There are no questions or mysteries with Corinne.

Nick even seems to have the upper hand in this relationship for once. Corinne has tried to seduce him on multiple occasions with bouncy houses and trenchcoats filled with whipped cream, but he outright stopped her when she wanted to sleep with him. This is a huge moment for Nick, as it shows that he's trying to stop these relationships from progressing more quickly than he's ready for and is being upfront about his own hesitations and feelings. Why wouldn't he want to be with someone who is doing the same?

Regardless of what happens as the rest of the season unfolds, I think Bachelor fans need to get used to Corinne sticking around and stop questioning the reasons why. Nick clearly feels a connection with her and it's not hard to understand where it comes from.