Rachel's Latest Rose Ceremony Was Heartbreaking

by Nicole Pomarico
Josh Vertucci/ABC

It's hard to believe that hometown dates are actually behind us now, but The Bachelorette is running full steam ahead to the last few episodes of the season. And after meeting her final four contestants' families, on Monday night's episode, Rachel was forced to make what seemed like her most difficult cut yet. Unfortunately, Rachel sent Dean home on The Bachelorette, and it was so heartbreaking to watch — especially since his last date with Rachel was really hard.

Their hometown date was rough, but it seemed to go well enough where Rachel and Dean's relationship was concerned. He had to have a really upsetting conversation with his father in front of the cameras, which seemed to take an emotional toll on him since they hadn't seen each other in two years and didn't exactly part on good terms. But Rachel hung in there and offered him her support where he could, which is why it was so surprising that when it came time to send one of her men home, she chose to cut Dean loose.

But what it all came down to for her was just something as simple as the fact that she had more chemistry with the other men than she had with Dean. Hard to believe after that blimp date, but it's true.

And even though they said goodbye with a tearful hug, Dean seemed pretty upset when he got in the limo to leave. According to what he said during his exit, he thought that Rachel saying that she was falling in love with him meant that what they had was real — real enough to help him make it past another rose ceremony, anyway. He said he was shocked, confused, and pretty sure that Rachel was making a mistake... and it was impossible not to want to hug him and let him know that it will be all right.

Deanie Baby may be no more as far as The Bachelorette goes, but it's inevitable that he won't have a problem finding the person he's truly meant to be with. After how sweet he's been all season, whoever ends up with him is a lucky lady.