All The Signs That Dean Is The Next 'Bachelor'

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/Josh Vertucci

There's something very endearing about watching Dean Unglert compete on The Bachelorette. I find his nerves around Rachel more realistic than those that proclaim love by Episode 2. Dean's charming, well-spoken, handsome, and popular among fans, making him a definite contender to be the next Bachelor, should this whole thing with Rachel not work out. Dean has a lot of competition for the next lead from men a bit older and more mature than he is (Peter and Bryan to start), but, with all that fan love, he still has a shot. And, there are quite a few signs that Dean could be the next Bachelor.

Dean was one of the first contestants America met, arriving at the After The Final Rose live special during the conclusion of Nick's season. Since then, he has won over viewers with his perceptive commentary, swooped hair, and Instagram handle (Deanie_Babies). I'm hesitant to jump aboard any "Dean is definitely going to be the next Bachelor" train; he is pretty young and I'm not totally sure he's ready to take the leading role. But, with all this said, he's most likely in the pool of contestants being considered. Dean could find himself being offered the role for a handful of reasons.

He Probably Doesn't Win The Bachelorette

Spoiler alert! If these TMZ photos from on set mean anything, it would appear that Dean ends up going on Bachelor in Paradise and does not engaged to Rachel Lindsay. First off, not getting engaged at the end of The Bachelorette would mean he is potentially still on the market to be the next Bachelor. And, spending time on Bachelor In Paradise doesn't disqualify him from being the next lead. Nick Viall went on Paradise and then became the Bachelor. If Dean doesn't find love in Paradise but instead keeps America on his side, he could find a similar fate to Nick.

He's Easy To Root For

Dean approaches love and the show with the perfect mix of hope and skepticism — which makes him relatable and interesting to watch. You feel like you're watching a friend, and you want him to succeed. Dean listens intently when Rachel speaks and does his best to reciprocate her openness. He's not always "on" and never feels performative for the cameras. A winning combo all around.

He Has Those Good Looks

Dean's a cutie, there's no denying that. His perfect smile, muscled arms, and floppy hair make him appeal to millions of viewers. I'm sure that 25+ women would be more than willing to compete for his love, which is one of the major qualifications to be the next Bachelor. (Plus, many more would watch him.)

He Wants A Family

Despite being 26, Dean seems to genuinely want a family and has talked with Rachel about being excited to be a dad. In openly vocalizing wanting to settle down and create the family unit he feels he missed out on, Dean makes himself a solid Bachelor contender. While he has moments on The Bachelorette that show his youth, it seems he's mature enough to take on the role.

He's Open To Love

Dean's willingness to be vulnerable with Rachel even when it makes him uncomfortable displays a genuine desire to find love. Den has let Rachel and America see his insecurities and doubts, all for the chance at love. His being open to taking risks with his heart makes him a viable Bachelor contender.

He's Got That Puppy Love

He has a puppy. He is a puppy. It makes sense.

Only time will tell if Dean takes on the role of Bachelor. For now, I'm looking forward to watching his journey with Rachel play out and potentially a new journey begin on Bachelor In Paradise. But, either way, Dean is sure to find love whether on TV or not — he's the total package.