The Real Reason Robbie & Ayda Are Leaving 'X Factor' Is Actually So Drama Free

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The X Factor is famed for not only being a mega hit but also for having more changes to its line up than an ageing rock band. The talent competition sees lots of ambitious artists audition in front of a panel of judges. However, the ever-changing line up of these judges sometimes grabs the headlines more than the actual show itself. And just when Simon Cowell thought he could rest on his laurels, there's been another shock announcement today. But why did Robbie Williams & Ayda quit The X Factor?

The surprising news of Robbie and Ayda's departure was dropped on Ayda's Instagram account, and is sure to devastate a lot of fans who have grown fond of the pair's adorable banter. Especially contestants eager to blag a trip to LA. The immediate question that comes to mind is "Why?!". Ayda let fans know what the deal was. Looks like it's a sad case of conflicting schedules as opposed to any actual drama. She wrote:

"A quick update from Team Williams… it's been a very busy year so far and Vegas has been incredible - we cannot wait for June and July to do it all again. We’ve got some very big announcements coming soon - but we can’t reveal all yet. Sadly as it's impossible to do everything, we're gutted to tell you we won't be able to return to The X Factor this year. We will, however, be working on projects with Simon going forward - and as huge fans of the show, we will still be tuning into The X Factor, voting and winding Simon up! AWxx"

Robbie's huge Las Vegas concerts are disrupting a lot of fans' wishes aren't they? I mean how many people do you think could have actually cried when it was announced he wouldn't join the Take That reunion tour? Ugh he needs to quit playing games with my heart. Oh wait, that's a Backstreet Boys song isn't it?

The news the pair are leaving The X Factor is also kind of surprising because he totally gushed about being on the show last year when he appeared on This Morning, saying:

"Selfishly, for me, I've had the most fun that I've ever had in the entertainment industry. It would be incredible to open a new chapter and have this be the start of it. I'm just having a whale of a time. Who knew that I would be a TV personality? I like it though!"

Alright, I know this is bad, but a bit of me is actually disappointed that there's no drama. But I imagine there's one person who's effing relieved this is a drama-less affair though. The big boss Cowell. Holy moly, Simon Cowell must be having an absolute mare of late. Not only has he had a serious issue maintaining judges on the show, he was recently even accused of ageism from a former judge. Yep, Sharon Osbourne let loose on The Talk and said: "I was signed on to do another show at the time. I was signed to go to England, and then Simon Cowell changed his mind and thought I was too old." Simon goes, 'She’s old. We need somebody young.'"

So, who is likely to replace the pair? Previous judges have included Louis Walsh, Tulisa, and Nicole Sherzinger. We'll just have to wait and see who Simon calls upon next.