Rose Might Not Be Telling The Whole Truth About Michael's Amnesia On 'Jane The Virgin'

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Spoilers ahead for the Jane the Virgin Season 5, Episode 2. Luisa has caused a lot of trouble for Jane in the past (you know, that whole accidental artificial insemination thing). But in "Chapter 83," Luisa tries to help Jane by finding out why Rose gave Michael amnesia on Jane the Virgin. Jane's police detective husband had been fixated on the crime boss Sin Rostro before she faked his death and erased his memories. So it seemed likely that Rose had done all this because there had been a break in the case against her. Yet, if Rose's confession to Luisa is to be believed, Sin Rostro caused Michael's amnesia because of a random encounter. And while that's particularly upsetting since it means that Michael's fake death could have been avoided, Jane the Virgin fans should know better than to trust Rose.

In Season 4, Rafael originally reached out to Rose in prison since she may know who his birth parents are. But all Rose wanted was Luisa's location and that's why she revealed the information that Michael is still alive. So now it's up to Luisa to find out why Rose faked Michael's death four years earlier and erased his memory with electroshock therapy (well, electroshock torture). As Rose tells it, she only did it because Michael had run into her at a coffee shop while she was wearing her Eileen mask.

Her mask became unglued and she wasn't sure if Michael noticed. But since Michael was going to be introduced to Luisa's new girlfriend "Eileen," Rose feared Michael would figure out Eileen's true identity. And since Rose had promised Luisa she wouldn't kill any more people, she came up with an elaborate scheme to keep Michael alive, but to take him out of the equation.

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Back in "Chapter 54" when Michael had presumably died, Rose as Eileen actually gave a major clue that Michael could come back. When Rafael met Eileen, he asked her to undergo DNA tests to ensure she wasn't really Sin Rostro since Rose had killed his father. Eileen responded, "That is only if you believe death is finite." At that moment, Rose was leaning into her new-age character she had created. But it's also possible that her chance encounter with Michael at the coffee shop had already occurred and she was planning how to fake his death.

While many people might not have suspected that Eileen was wearing a mask, Michael the police detective definitely would have gotten suspicious. After all, Michael hadn't realized that his partner Susanna was Rose in disguise back in Season 2 — and this mistake nearly cost him his life. So when he did officially meet Luisa's girlfriend, he probably would have figured out that Eileen was Rose. So Rose's logic on that front does hold up.

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Rose also does love Luisa and is constantly trying to win her back. So maybe, just maybe, Rose is being sincere when she says, "Don't you see, Luisa, I did it for us." But during its fifth and final season, it would be foolish for Jane the Virgin fans to take what Rose said at (ahem) face value. So it's more likely there was an additional angle that made Rose go to all this trouble to erase Michael's memories.

At the end of "Chapter 83," Michael — well, Jason — throws out the divorce papers he had signed and doesn't give them to Jane. That could be because Jane has finally begun to win him over. But another option is that Jason could now work for Sin Rostro. As this episode reminds viewers, Rose has a number of minions (like a criminal Charlie of Charlie's Angels) doing her bidding for her while she's in prison. So Jason could be one of them. That's a pretty devastating thought though, so don't even entertain it if you're too #TeamMichael to handle it. But no matter Jason's intentions, every fan should be questioning Rose's — and they should be prepared for another Michael-Rose twist down the road.