Jef Holm’s Drama With Bachelor Arie Spans Years

by Stephanie Downs
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's a major drama that's tearing through Bachelor Nation, and it's not even taking place on TV. Former Bachelorette contestant Jef Holm has attacked new Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. on Twitter, and it's left fans wondering: Why does Jef hate Arie? There has to be some reason why the former good friends are suddenly feuding online, right?

There's actually no way to know exactly what caused the pair's falling out, as neither one has revealed any details on their friendship split. However, their feud came to light back in September 2017, when Arie was first announced as Season 22's leading man. On the day that he was announced, Jef tweeted, "Oh the stories I could tell...". While he could have been referencing something else, it's likely that he was talking about his relationship with Arie. Otherwise, it would have been a major coincidence, especially considering Jef isn't especially active on the social media site otherwise. (Other than replies, he's only composed three tweets in the past five months, two of those being about Arie...).

At this time, Jef also responded to a Reality Steve post about Arie. Reality Steve, who posts spoilers related to Bachelor Nation, provided some insight into why some weren't into Arie being the Bachelor, which maybe includes Jef. He tweeted a Redditor's comments about Arie's supposed pursuits with Emily Maynard's ex-fiancé. (It should be noted that the comments aren't confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt). According to the Redditor, Arie and Jef made regular appearances at sorority houses in the Phoenix area. They called the Bachelor's behavior "super gross."

Jef replied to Reality Steve's tweet and said that he had "never been inside a sorority house", which would, at least partially, refute the original claim. He then clarified once and for all what the status of their friendship is. He said that they haven't been friends in years and even called Arie "disgusting". He's yet to elaborate as to why he feels that way.

Then, on Jan. 1, aka the season premiere of The Bachelor (co-executive producer: Nicole Woods), Jef tweeted, "Doesn't matter who gets out of the limo...I'll give 5k to the charity of @chrisharrison's choice if @ariejr lasts 1 year with anyone". Yikes. His tweet was an even more telling sign that there's some bad blood between the two guys.

On Jan. 3, Arie actually responded to Jef's tweets in an interview with Access Live. He said that the Bachelorette contestant was "throwing a lot of shade, but we haven't talked in four years since Sean [Lowe's] wedding." The Bachelor also was as confused by Jef's hatred, which is a confusion many Bachelor fans share. When he was asked why there's drama between the two, he responded, "I have no clue. That's kind of a question for him more than me."

It's safe to say that the two guys are not friends at the moment. But they were actually great friends at one point, even though they courted the same woman. In 2012, while Emily's season of The Bachelorette aired, Arie said, "Jef and I had a pretty cool relationship [and] friendship going" while they were both in the house, according to Us Weekly. If you take a glance at Jef's Instagram, you'll notice that he's posted a couple of photos with his former friend. Although, the last photo of the two of them on his feed seems to be at Sean Lowe's wedding (below, with fellow Bachelorette contestant John Wolfner), which would fit in with the timeline of their friendship (and falling out).

It's strange to think that the once good friends are fighting through social media now... Well, it's more of a one-sided fight. And until Jef comes clean about his feelings about Arie, fans will be left wondering what exactly caused this feud.