Here's What To Do If You Can't Find Your 2017 Memories On Snapchat Yet

by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro

Most of us are probably ready to leave 2017 far in the past, getting ready to set new goals, and resolutions for the upcoming year. However, if you wanted to take one last nostalgic look back of the past twelve months, Snapchat has you covered. The social media app announced Dec. 28 they would be launching A Look Back at 2017, a new feature that allows over 158 million Snapchat users to share their favorite photos and memories of 2017 with their friends. The Memories feature is somewhat similar to Facebook’s On This Day and Friendversary features, which allow Facebook users to look back at certain posts shared throughout the years, and to share with their friends if they want. The new feature won’t be sent to your Snapchat friends automatically, and gives you a chance to curate your story (aka, you can delete embarrassing photos with zero stress). If you don't have 2017 Memories on Snapchat yet, though, fear not — there are a few reasons you might be having trouble finding it.

Finding the new Snapchat feature should be pretty straightforward, and show up automatically, but if it doesn’t, you may need to take a few extra steps before being able to share your story. If you can’t seem to find the new feature on your app, make sure — first and foremost — you are looking in the right spot. At the top of your Memories page, there should be a screen that says, “A Look Back At 2017.” Double-check to make sure you are looking under the “All” tab. If you are looking under “Stories” or “Camera Roll,” you won’t be able to find it. Once you find it, the new feature will give you the options to edit, save, or send the story. From there, you can work your own Snapchat magic — delete photos you don’t want in the story, save the whole thing to your camera roll, and share with select friends, or your whole Snapchat friends list if you prefer.

Courtesy of Snapchat

Additionally, be sure to have the most updated version of the Snapchat app if you can't seem to find your 2017 memories. Save Instagram, I prefer to go into my App Store and manually update any apps so I can somewhat track what is draining my phone’s battery, or taking up storage. If you don’t have Snapchat set to automatically update when there are new features added or bugs fixed, you may need to go in and manually set it to download the latest version before accessing A Look Back At 2017.

Lastly, make sure you even have saved Snapchat memories. Luckily, Snapchat doesn't automatically save your photos to Memories for later. If you haven't been diligent about manually saving to Memories this past year, you won't have a 2017 story to share.

Though Snapchat itself was launched way back in 2011, the Memories feature was first introduced to users of the social media app in July 2016. Snapchat Memories was created to allow users to save their most precious memories, and basically create a virtual scrapbook on the app. Photos taken on Snapchat used to disappear seconds after being sent — which is why it notoriously became the default app for sending provocative pictures — until Snapchat introduced the option to save Snaps to your camera roll. However, the Snapchat Memories feature was the first time the app allowed users to save photos on the app, in a curated folder of your favorite moments from over the years. The Memories feature not only allows you to save individual photos you love, but also entire Snapchat stories, so you can revisit your vacation from last year or your wildest night out with friends — without missing a single moment of the sun or fun.

Now, with the launch of A Look Back at 2017, you definitely want to make sure your Snapchat is up-to-date and that your memories are accessible. Don’t miss this opportunity to share the best or most memorable parts of 2017 with your closest friends before jumping into The New Year, and creating new Snapchat memories.