Why Don’t I Have Apple’s iOS 12 Yet? This New Update Will Be Available To Download Soon

If you've been anxiously awaiting Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) to hear about when its new operating system would finally be available, good news: During WWDC, Apple announced that iOS 12 will indeed be the next update released in 2018. But the system was confirmed — so why you don't have Apple's iOS 12 yet? Don't worry: Unless you're a registered developer with Apple (which costs $99 for an annual membership), iOS 12 is only in developer beta stages at the moment, so it's not exactly ready for the public just yet.

In fact, it likely won't be ready for any public downloads until at least the end of June: Just like with iOS 11, the new iOS 12 update will be made available for public beta download prior to its official release, and if you sign up with Apple's Beta Software Program (which is free!), you'll have access to the new software before others. That said, the key word here is "beta" — if you sign up for this program, you may be able to get the software update as soon as the end of June, but you also agree to accept any potential bugs or even phone crashes it could cause, since it's technically an unfinished product. If you're nervous about the risks, you can just wait for iOS 12 to be officially released, which will definitely be before the end of the year.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I know, I know: It's tough to wait, especially with the news that iOS 12 will much faster than iOS 11, and the fact that it's going to be loaded with awesome AR capabilities. Like, Earth to Apple, don't tell us how amazing it's going to be and expect us to patiently wait!

One of the reasons why this update is so exciting is Memojis. For users with an iPhone X, this update to Animojis a game-changer. In short, the new feature will allow users to create their own avatar that looks exactly like them — and then, in addition to sending texts with with Animoji, they'll also be able to "wear" their Memoji in selfies and FaceTime conversations, like a filter.


Group FaceTime is now a thing, too, and it's the three-way calling throwback of our futuristic dreams. Not only can you FaceTime with your two best friends at the same time, but if you just so happen to have 32 friends — or an office or classroom of 32 people — you can talk them all at the same time on FaceTime. Oh, and if you've ever looked at a picture of something, say a desk you want to buy, and wished that there was some magic way to see its dimensions, well your wish has been granted: iOS 12's new Measure app has AR capabilities that can measure the size of objects in images. Hello Future! Welcome to the Present! Let's all burn our rulers!


I know! So many exciting features. But remember: the iOS 12 update is available in beta for developers who have special membership with Apple, but for the public, it'll take some time for the update to become available. (And, of course, if you're super impatient, you can opt-in to Apple's Beta Software Program to receive the option to download iOS 12 when it's available for public beta download, likely at the end of June.)

So try and find a way to hold your horses throughout the summer. Just know that it's for the best that developers have time alone with the update first. That just means that by the time we get upgrade, we already have hundreds of new apps to chose from that take full advantage of all of the new features. Here's to finding patience!