Why Dorit Should Stay On 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' (Just Hear Me Out)

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Dorit Kemsley has only been a Real Housewife for a few episodes, but she is already a pretty polarizing presence. As a die-hard Erika Jayne fan, I'm truthfully not the biggest fan of Dorit, but I do think that she should stick around for another season after the one that's current airing. That seems like a weird thing for me to say, but just hear me out on this one. There are actually a bunch of reasons already that Dorit should stay on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I know. I know. All of my fellow Erika fans are probably questioning my loyalty for taking this stance, but it really does make sense for Dorit to continue for at least another year on the show. Even though she has been involved in conflict from the jump, she is needed to make this show work. The reason being that I'm not going to watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if everyone is best friends. That would not make for an interesting show. At all.

If you're on the fence about the latest Beverly Hills Housewife sticking around, let me convince you. Dorit really does need to be a part of the RHOBH cast next year.

1. She Is Friends With LVP

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After last season's manipulation accusations, Lisa Vanderpump could really use a friend in her corner. No matter what you think about who was right (and who was wrong) last year, it's a way better fight when it's not just one person getting ganged up on. Plus, LVP and Dorit are actually pretty funny in their scenes together.

2. She Argues With Every Cast Member


I am way too invested in this show, so I get vicariously offended when people come for my favorites. Nevertheless, there needs to be conflict in a reality TV show and if Dorit is the foil to just about every cast member, then that's a pretty good deal for the casting director if you ask me.

3. She Hosts A Lot Of Events

This show started out with the premise of giving us a glimpse into the wealthy lives of Beverly Hills residents. Sure, they have personal problems like the rest of us, but I want to watch all of this go down at lavish events. Throughout the years of cast changes, the number of events (and their caliber) has decreased. At least Dorit actually hosts big events. Not everyone in the cast carries their weight when it comes to the party hosting. And, come on, Dorit's birthday party in her backyard was beyond outrageous. We need more parties and we need them now!

4. That Accent

A lot of people hate on Dorit for her ever-changing accent because they think it implies that she's inauthentic; she justifies it because she's lived in many places and her husband is British. I don't really care where it comes from, but I cannot stop laughing whenever it changes mid-conversation. And I'm always listening to see if it's different depending on her audience. It's a unique character quirk that separates her from other reality TV cast members.

5. She Puts Her Money Where Her Mouth Is

Dorit is rich and she has no problem spending money. From the clothes to the parties to the cars, I cannot help wanting to watch someone drop so much cash in such a casual manner. It's fascinating.

6. She Has A Polarizing Husband

I am not fan of PK Kemsley, especially after he contributed to #PantyGate by gossiping with Dorit afterward, but what else has happened this season besides the underwear drama? Pretty much nothing. I get why people don't like Dorit's husband, but he has brought the entertainment by annoying and offending just as many Housewives as Dorit has. He might as well be holding a big diamond in the opening credits.

7. She Has Young Children

Dorit's children, Phoenix and Jagger, are adorable. Not only that, but she is the only one on the show with young children, so I'm sure that makes her relatable to some viewers who can't connect with the home lives of the other cast members. Aside from the kids being super cute, Dorit has been very open about her children's hardships. Her son is working on speech issues and her daughter had to wear a helmet to help balance her skull's growth. It's heartwarming to see her kids overcome adversity and I'm sure it's comforting for other moms going through similar struggles.

8. She Always Has A Story Line

I'm not going to name names, but there are definitely some people in this cast who I would describe as "filler." They don't really have their own plot points, but they just stick around to comment on everyone else's stuff. I can tell you what Dorit said and did in every episode she's appeared in so far. She is never "just there."

9. She Inspires Erika One-Liners

The biggest Erika Jayne fans are the ones who should really want Dorit to stick around. If Dorit didn't poke and prod at Erika, then we would never get to experience her calm, cool, and collected comebacks. Thanks to Dorit, Erika has had some iconic clapbacks, like when Dorit hated on Americans' sense of humor and Erika responded by saying, “You’re an American, what are you talking about? You were born in Connecticut!"

10. She Deserves A Chance

This show is an hour long, which means that there's approximately 42 minutes of footage. There are six Housewives and two Friends of the Housewives in the cast plus the husbands, kids, and pets. That means that we only get to see a teeny, tiny bit of these people's lives, so obviously the editing is going to highlight the most interesting and (probably) most offensive moments. Let's give Dorit some more time to win over the viewers, she really hasn't had that much yet.

As a reality TV junkie, I totally get the viewers who have strong opinions about the cast members. But even if you don't like Dorit, you have to admit that it makes sense for her to stay on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.