Why Is B1A4 Named After Blood Types? The Meaning Of The Band Name Is Culturally Relevant

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The athletes aren't the only ones performing at the 2018 PyeongChang Games, B1A4 will take the stage before the Olympics end as part of the K-Pop World Festa concerts, according to Billboard. For those that aren't familiar with the famed South Korean boy band, you might be wondering what their name stands for. If you guessed it was some kind of code, well, you weren't that far off. Turns out, B1A4 is actually a reference to blood types. Logically, now you're wondering, "Wait, why is B1A4 named after blood types?" Well, let's dive in.

According to Australia's site SBS, only one member of the group, Baro, has the blood type B, while his four other bandmates — Jinyoung, Sandeul, Gongchan, and CNU — have type A. So, B1A4, it's as easy as that.

It may seem unusual to Americans to name a band after something you'd find on a medical record, but it's not that unusual in South Korea for the topic of blood type to come up in conversation. That's because South Koreans believe blood type is also a way to define someone's personality. It's really no different than how people look to their astrological sign to explain their personality traits.

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While it's not scientifically proven that your blood type defines your personality, that doesn't mean it isn't fun to learn what having type B blood, like Baro, might mean. According to SeoulSync, a magazine covering Korean culture, people with type B are "passionate, wild, and creative," not to mention independent. "However," SeoulSync explained, "they can also get impatient and give up easily, often coming off as being lazy, self-centered, shallow, and irresponsible."

But, if you're type A like the rest of the boy band, which got its start in 2011 with their debut EP, Let's Fly, you're believed to be "more conservative and introverted...often finding difficulty in expressing emotions or trusting others." You're patient, considerate, and like those with type B are "highly creative," which is a good trait for the members of B1A4 to have, wouldn't you say?

People with blood type A are also considered perfectionists and often give off the impression that they're "stubborn, tense, and uptight." But to get a little more specific, men with blood type A are punctual, which is good to know when you're headed to a date. They're also described as being "very sensitive and willing to give up everything they have for those they love."

However, men with type B are a little more fickle, their strong personalities draw people in — "they’re very smart and popular due to their sense of humor" — but they often lose interest quickly. The fact that they're also considered good liars, though, is definitely a bit of a turn-off.

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While no one's saying Baro is exactly like his blood type personality, it might not be that far off. In a 2016 interview on the radio show Ji Suk Jin's 2 o'clock Date, Baro said that if his girlfriend and him and got into a fight he would "try to talk it out and not let her go easily. But if she wants to leave me, then I don't think I will love her that much anymore." While likely an honest response, that does sound a bit fickle, right?

Now, for those who are afraid of blood, the guys have offered another explanation for their name that's not quite as medical. In an interview with SBS from 2012, the band said that the name B1A4 actually means, "Be the one All for one." To them, it means'"let's do our best as everyone expects us to."

Whatever you believe B1A4's name means, it's clear that they're doing their best and their fans are living for it — no matter their blood type.