Astrological Predictions For 2018 Show What Things Each Sign Can Expect

Hannah Burton/Bustle

If the end of 2017 has you feeling off balance, and you're looking for a roadmap for 2018, the cosmos have your back. While it's not set in stone — because of that whole free-will thing — there are astrological predictions for 2018 that show what each sign can expect. Whether you're a casual believer in astrology, or you look to the stars for inspiration and advice on the regular, it never hurts to know astrologers are forecasting so you can embrace opportunities — and avoid potential pitfalls.

When I was going through predictions for my sign for 2018 a few weeks ago, I came across something I wasn't too excited about. One of the things that came up for Libra was a disruption or a big change in home life. For my Virgo roommate, 2018 begins with a lot of unexpected tasks. After reading this, I immediately said to my roomie, "Something is going to happen to our house." Two weeks later we got a 60-day vacate notice, which means we'll be spending the first month of 2018 looking for a new place to live.

Because I had the hunch some housing-related news was coming, getting the notice to vacate our house right before Christmas — while disappointing — didn't catch me totally off guard the way it would have if I hadn't been emotionally prepared for something to happen. And while having to suddenly find a new home is disruptive, we're seeing it as an opportunity to find something even better. If you want to go into 2018 with your eyes wide open, here are some things you can expect in the new year based on your sign. #TheMoreYouKnow