Here's How Daddy's Past Haunts Her Time In Litchfield In 'OITNB' Season 6

JoJo Whilden / Netflix

The inmate known as "Daddy" is one of the newest additions to Orange Is The New Black's crew of Litchfield characters, and it's clear that she didn't leave their life of crime behind once they started serving time. She's one of the main players this season in the tense standoff between cell blocks C and D, but she definitely don't seem like a villain at her core. So why is Daddy in prison on Orange Is The New Black? Spoilers ahead for Orange Is The New Black Season 6.

Daddy's flashbacks are finally revealed in the sixth episode of the newest batch of episodes, and it's very apparent that she didn't always keep the best company. The flashbacks outline a long list of sketchy acquaintances — rich, mysterious men who throw parties where drugs run rampant, and who are willing to shower young women in money in exchange for their company. Daddy seems to have been an accomplice of sorts, sending women into the men's waiting arms and putting them at ease.

The power dynamics of this arrangement are pretty troubling, and it's definitely a possibility that these women are being taken advantage of, but that's not even where the true horror starts.

JoJo Whilden / Netflix

Daddy wanders into one of the men's rooms after a night of partying to find a woman dead in his bed. He claims it was an accident, but as he explains the situation, it becomes more and more clear that there were sinister motivations at play.

Instead of going to the police, Daddy helps them cover it up and escape before anybody finds out, and then continues to set women up with him even after she knows that it could end terribly for the girls they're befriending. As the last flashback closes, these antics haven't been discovered by the authorities, but Daddy seems trapped in a cycle that she isn't too thrilled with but can't escape, and it's safe to assume that this lifestyle is what eventually lands her in jail.

JoJo Whilden / Netflix

It's also what sets her up for the role she eventually plays behind bars. Daddy becomes Barb's lackey within Litchfield's maximum security prison, and does her share of underhanded drug running and sneaking by prison rules. Daddy's directly involved in the animosity that exists between Barb and Carol, the leader of the other cell block, and bullies the rival inmates on the regular.

Aside from that exterior, though, viewers are able to see Daddy as a real person who feels remorse and struggles with the morality of what they do. Daddy even befriends Daya and eventually forms some kind of makeshift romance with her, and lays off Gloria once she finds out that she shares a bond with her. Viewers are able to see Daddy's inner turmoil and empathize with it, and it prevents her from becoming any kind of real villain, which is not always the case with OITNB's characters. Still, even though fans got a taste of where Daddy comes from, it definitely still feels like there's more to her than even the flashbacks let on. Let's hope she sticks around.