Here’s Why All Those Videos Of Michael B. Jordan Doing Push-Ups For Lupita Nyong’o Exist

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Last weekend, two facts became clear to many people in the audience: firstly, that Black Panther is incredible, and, secondly, that Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o have the best friendship. Look no further than the bet that they made which resulted in Lupita Nyong’o getting Michael B. Jordan to do push-ups on her command. Because the actor is no fool, that means that Jordan is doing a lot of push-ups — and not just while they're hanging out behind the scenes of interviews. As for how Jordan lost a bet to Nyong'o in the first place, well. It sounds almost as funny as the video.

As The Fader reports, Nyong’o ordered Jordan to drop and give her a push-up during a press event in New York last week — right in the middle of the interview. According to Entertainment Weekly, Nyong’o piggy-backed on the interviewer's question for Jordan, saying, "And can I just add to that? Give me one, please." Wow, that was savage. Then, the actor posted a video on her Instagram of what she deemed "on call push-ups" while the two Black Panther stars attended the Calvin Klein show for New York Fashion Week.

Currently, nobody seems to know what the bet that allowed Nyong’o to act as Jordan's drill sergeant was about, but there are clues that it might have something to do with sweet treats.

The Shade Room recently posted an Instagram with a screenshot of a reported tweet sent by Michael B. Jordan's account to Nyong'o, presumably during the actor's appearance on MTV's Safe Word. The since-deleted tweet said "Bring them chocolate cakes back. You ready for round 2?" With the hashtag #youknowyouwantthis. Nyong'o responded with a since-deleted tweet that said "No dessert until you come correct."

Needless to say, fans of Nyong'o and Jordan's friendship went wild over the interaction, but perhaps the hilarious push-up bet has something to do with dessert.

The "on-call pushups" are providing fans with behind-the-scenes footage of what Nyong’o and Jordan are like when they hang out, and it's basically a dessert for fans' eyes. In a video that the actor who plays Nakia posted on Twitter, you can see her greeting Jordan backstage at the View. The Black Panther villain lights up when he sees his co-star, saying, "You look nice today, you look amazing," before giving her a hug. The actor then hilariously caresses his face and tells him, "I'd especially like to see you get down," to which the actor responds, "How many would you like?" After abiding by Nyong'o's push-up request, Jordan said "payback's gonna be real," while they hugged.

Hopefully, their payback will involve another public challenge, because the more that Nyong'o and Jordan playfully torture each other, the better. It's too fun to watch, even for fellow Black Panther star Danai Gurira, who appeared with Nyong'o and Jordan in the video. Gurira reacted the exact way everyone at home did: by gasping and cheering as Jordan performed his defeated pushup.

According to Nyong’o's Instagram posts, the Black Panther stars have two more on-demand push-ups left, but their fans will probably get plenty more amusement from them. After all, the two co-stars are incredibly close. In a sweet Instagram post in which she imitated a photo of Jordan, Nyong’o wrote a caption commending her co-star for all his wonderful attributes on his birthday.

"I admire your focus, your ferocity, your vulnerability and even your struggle to accept compliments," Nyong’o wrote on Instagram. She continued, "You work harder than you show, and you give us a window into your beautiful soul." After signing the caption as "someone who loves you," she probably had everyone in tears, but you won't find the fierce actor showing that sentimentality while ordering her friend to give her a pushup at any given moment.

No one knows when next the actor will order Jordan to drop and give her one or two, but it will be delightful to watch when it happens.