Why Is My Mental Health Worse At Christmas? 24-7 Festive Cheer Can Take Its Toll

Rachel Gulotta Photography/Stocksy

Oh, Christmas — the time of year for festive cheer, smiles, and big, extravagant events. While the presents, family parties, and Christmas lights are all good fun I find it so hard to ignore the fact that this time of year can be really tough. In the run up to Christmas, in the rare quiet moments I find myself wondering why is my mental health worse at Christmas? There isn’t any other time of the year that I put so much pressure on myself to spend money I probably can't really spare on gifts I'm desperate for family and friends to love. Many people continue to work full time up until the big day itself yet also have to manage to fit in Christmas lunches, work nights out, and all of the Christmas shopping. Heaven forbid you be the kill joy that rejects an invitation out even if it is the fourth festive event in your calendar this week.

This time of year comes loaded with a hell of a lot of expectation and whilst you can try and ignore it, opting to have your own, stress-free style of Christmas it still manages to creep in. There is so much emphasis on all of the great things about Christmas that it is easy to lose track of when your mental health is really starting to suffer. I’m not a scrooge, believe me I love a Christmas market as much as the next overexcited, mulled wine enthusiast. But it is too difficult to ignore the fact that a time of year that is supposed to make us really happy, can also leave my mental health shot.