If Your Vision Is Blurry After The Eclipse, It Doesn't Always Mean Permanent Damage

Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you found yourself accidentally looking at the solar eclipse without protective glasses on Mon., Aug. 21, and are now wondering why your vision is blurry, please listen carefully: Go to your eye doctor immediately. Though blurry vision after accidentally looking up at a solar eclipse without protection doesn't always mean permanent damage to your vision, it could, so it's important that you ensure your eyes are healthy as soon as possible.

If you didn't look at the solar eclipse without protection and are still worried, take a deep breath: It's probably OK. Looking up at a solar eclipse, even with protective glasses, puts a huge strain on the eyes — we're habitually squinting as we look up, and that can cause eye strain and even migraines. Blurry vision could be the sign of an oncoming migraine, or even just a sign that you need to rest your eyes a bit before continuing on with your day.

Experts agree. According to the Senior Director of Customer Development at Essilor, Dr. Janelle Routhier, seeing an eye doctor ASAP is important. "If you are experiencing any pain, I recommend you visit your local eyecare professional to be sure your eyes are taken care of."

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Again, while you shouldn't freak out, it's definitely worth getting checked out just to be sure. Being safe comes first!