Why Is Nick Crying On 'The Bachelor'? He's Afraid To Get Hurt Again

Rick Rowell/ABC

Nick has been on a Bachelor show a whopping four times, which means that he knows how being on reality television works. There’s a learning curve that doesn’t exist for Nick because he knows the producers and all of that. But that doesn’t mean that Nick doesn’t have feelings, and it looks like we see some of Nick’s feelings in an upcoming episode of The Bachelor. Why is Nick crying on The Bachelor?

A promo reveals a weepy Nick, tears streaming down his face, telling his remaining contestants that he’s afraid that this process they’re on won’t work and that he’ll get hurt again. I think it’s safe to say that’s why Nick is crying – he’s afraid that he will get his heart smashed into itty bitty pieces again on national television. I can’t blame Nick here. He wanted to propose to Andi Dorfman, but she cast him out. He proposed to Kaitlyn Bristowe, and she turned him down. It didn’t work out on Bachelor In Paradise with Jen Saviano. What if it doesn’t work out again and Nick has to stand there, humiliated and all alone? He mentioned on his one-on-one date with Rachel that he’s had to have deep conversations with two different fathers and nothing has come out of them. Awkward, no? And very disheartening.

Nick is upset because this whole Bachelor experiment may not work for him. Honestly, relationships make may not work out for any of us, but to put yourself on an international stage and let it all hang out can’t be easy. I’m certainly rooting for you, Nick – I hope that the fourth time is a charm!