Why Is There Tape On Cody's Dog Tags On 'Big Brother 19'? The Symbol Of His Service Has Been Obscured

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Cody is far from the most beloved houseguest on Big Brother 19. He's been the biggest target in the house since the very first week of the game. Fans may feel like they know all the most prominent personal facts about him already: Cody was in the military; he loves Jessica and Nascar; and he hates Paul and most fun things. However, there seems to be a secret around his neck that Cody is keeping covered up. What's on Big Brother 19 houseguest Cody's dog tags, and why are they covered?

Cody hasn't been shy about sharing his military history with his houseguests and the cameras, but he also hasn't been openly bragging about it. It's a part of who he is, and it seems that he represents the armed services by continuing to wear his dog tags. At least, I assume he's wearing his own. So if Cody's dog tags belong to him, then what's causing him to tape them up? As exciting as a mystery may be, the reason for the black tape that obscures the text embossed onto those dog tags is probably not that exciting. There are several practical reasons that Cody would have to censor them for the show.

The most obvious reason is that some of the personal information listed on his dog tags may be a little too personal. Per the U.S. Army, "Today's identification tags identify vital information about the wearer: name, Social Security number, blood type and religious preference." While Cody may not mind people knowing his blood type or religion, he may not be too keen to broadcast his own social security number to the entire country. As long as Cody is inside the house and cannot combat any threat of identity theft, keeping that information under wraps is probably for the best.


The other plausible reason has nothing to do with privacy, but is just as practical. There's a good chance that having the tags swing around his neck all day could lead to some noise. This wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't for the fact that he and the rest of the houseguests are wearing mics at nearly all times in the Big Brother house. Taping up his dog tag could just be a simple solution to dulling the sound of metal clinking against his mic.


Whatever the reason he has to obscure them, it's clear that Cody's dog tags are important to him. While it many never be revealed why exactly he's taping them up, the constant accessories do reveal another personal detail about the very private Cody. While it's still not clear what he does for fun or what would happen if he smiled for more than five seconds at a time, he's definitely proud of his service.