Why Isn't Anyone Talking To Cody On 'Big Brother 19'? Paul Is Asserting His Influence

Bill Inoshita/CBS

Cody has never been the most popular person in the Big Brother house, but it looks like his social standing has reached new lows. After Jessica left, multiple other houseguests have been scolded for being seen even talking to Cody. Those in charge of the house seem to be pulling some tactics more befitting of Mean Girls than this reality by ensuring that no one talks to Cody on Big Brother 19.

Cody's entire platform in the house since losing Jessica has been to point out that Paul has the entire game in the palm of his hand. However, Paul's plan is to now make sure that no one can talk to Cody long enough to hear him tell people to look out for him. Now, if anyone dares listen to Cody it's only be a matter of time before they get called out in front of most of the house and scolded for talking to the marine.

Kevin extended a hand out to Cody soon after Jess' eviction, hoping to ensure that he would be safe should Cody come into power. Not long after that conversations, Paul and his alliance members pulled Kevin aside to let him know that he should not be seen talking to Cody under any circumstances. The same happened to Mark later in the week, who was publicly chewed out by Christmas. Paul, Christmas, and the rest of the house seem to think isolating Cody is the best way to keep him from disrupting the house.

While bullying tactics are not new to Big Brother, and especially not this season, Twitter seems to agree that the house's treatment of Cody is absurd. Every time a houseguest that isn't Paul does his bidding by shaming others for talking to Cody, they further prove Cody's point. It seems impossible for Cody to win Big Brother at this point, but he may be able to get people to stop trusting Paul before he leaves. If Cody eventually inspires Paul's eviction from the house, that will surely be enough of a victory for him.