Why Is Wells Sitting In The Audience On The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Finale? Fans Are Not Pleased

Paul Hebert/ABC

I couldn’t have been the only faithful Bachelor viewer that was disappointed that Wells Adams was passed over for the next season of The Bachelor. Race car driver and Emily Maynard love Arie Luyendyk Jr. instead received the job, and while I’m sure he’ll be just dandy, I was really hoping for Wells to bring his dog and his puppets and entertain me while trying to find the love of his life. But does Wells have other plans for television stardom? He wasn’t an official cast member on Bachelor In Paradise, so where is Wells on the Bachelor In Paradise finale?

The Bachelor Nation reunions and finales should be pretty cut-and-dry, since there have been so many of them, but lately it seems like the producers love to throw a wild card or seven to keep the audience on its toes (and television writers and reporters like myself in a state of constant Bachelor-induced anxiety). Wells wasn’t even an official member of the cast on Bachelor In Paradise — he filled in for veteran bartender Jorge, who left to launch Jorges’ Tour-ges. Wells locked lips with Danielle M. before she left, but besides that, Wells only provided social commentary and shots of tequila. No dates! No love! No more scallop fingers!


Wells provided plenty of color commentary for Bachelor In Paradise, but because he wasn't officially on the show, he's not officially on stage with the rest of the gang. He has to sit in the audience.

His fans on Twitter definitely noticed his absence, and they were not pleased.

He should be next to his (probable) love Danielle M.!

It's like one slight after another for Wells — first he gets passed over for the Bachelor job (I'm not sure that he wanted it, but we wanted him), and then he has to sit in the audience with the normal folk instead of in the spotlight with the people he had to listen to whine for hours on end? Not cool, BiP. Wells deserves better than this second-fiddle treatment, and fans can't wait for the day that he gets his turn in the spotlight.