One Guy Was Sorely Missed At Becca's 'Men Tell All'

Paul Hebert/ABC

Every season, fans look forward to Men Tell All before The Bachelorette finale. It's a chance to see all the eliminated contestants together again and find out some behind-the-scenes dirt on filming the season, but unfortunately, this time around, a fan favorite was missing. So where was Clay at Men Tell All? According to him, he had "football stuff" that he just couldn't get out of.

When the special started, Chris Harrison introduced everyone who was there as a guest, as he always does, but immediately, it was evident that Clay was missing — which was a serious bummer, since he was one of the sweetest contestants this season. After he got injured during a group date, he made the difficult choice to go home and get the medical attention he needed, because he was advised by doctors that he needed surgery, and by skipping out on that, he could end up risking his football career.

And now, it sounds like he's staying consistent in his choice to put his career first for now, because when a fan asked where he was on the special, he tweeted back, "I wanted to come I had football stuff im [sic] sorry."

Sounds just like the Clay who fans got to know on the show this season.

Since it was definitely heartbreaking for him to decide to leave the show instead of continue pursuing a relationship with Becca, it makes sense that he'd prioritize football over Men Tell All — as much fun as it seems to get back together with your old Bachelorette fans and field questions from Chris Harrison. Good for Clay for putting his career first, even though this whole reality show love thing had to be a lot of fun (and probably easy to get wrapped up in).

It seems like his post-Bachelorette life is going too well, so it definitely seems like he made the right decision by leaving. On his Instagram, Clay's been sharing his adventures back at home, including celebrating his 31st birthday with his friends and family. Just look how happy he is:

Clay has also been hanging out at the beach and with his mom, who just celebrated her birthday, too. It seems like he's been doing all his favorite things (and seeing all his favorite people) since he got back from filming.

It also seems like he's made some lasting friendships from The Bachelorette, since he also shared a photo of him and Colton playing ping pong together. Some of the guys might not have been Colton's BFF, but it seems like he and Clay definitely hit it off, which makes sense, since they both have sports backgrounds.

Being that he's not on Men Tell All, it seems like we probably won't see Clay at all ever again on the show. It's definitely a bummer for those of us who were rooting for him when he was still in the mix, but it seems like he's definitely where he wants to be.