It's Actually Great That Harry Styles Isn't At The 2017 VMAs

by Kadeen Griffiths

Harry Styles is hurting all of us, and apparently we're just going to sit here and let him. The "Sign Of The Times" singer is a nominee on Sunday night, and yet Styles wasn't at the 2017 VMAs. Fans waited patiently — and not so patiently — for a glimpse of him arriving for the ceremony, and, as the ceremony drew closer and closer, their hearts broke more and more. Between Harry Styles and Dunkirk, the former member of One Direction has had an incredibly busy year. But too busy to attend the MTV VMAs? Well, maybe. And that might actually be a good thing for us.

No one's caught sight of Styles during the pre-show, and his name was cropping up on Twitter not for another one of his brightly patterned, well-fitted suits, but because everyone wanted to know where the heck he was. It's been a month since the singer posted on either Twitter or Instagram, which might have made it hard to guess exactly what he's doing that isn't appearing at the award ceremony. But there are two things that he has coming up that might be capturing his attention and, if so, it's perfectly understandable why he's breaking hearts by not showing up at the VMAs. He's actually breaking our hearts so he can piece them back together.

First of all, Styles is recording a live performance for the BBC on August 30. The event, which will be filmed in Manchester and is likely where the singer is right now, is set to air on BBC One in November, and will feature not only a performance but an interview with the singer and Nick Grimshaw, radio host and Styles' longtime friend. It will be an hour long and before a studio audience, so I imagine that Styles is knee-deep in rehearsals for it so he can perform perfectly for them. (And, thus, for us.)

Second, and further in the future, the singer will be kicking off the tour that you totally didn't get tickets to the first time: Harry Styles: Live on Tour 2017 kicks off on September 19. Whether you're going to see him in concert or not, that means we have loads of pictures and videos of his performances to look forward to.

Believe me, we all want to see Styles light up this stage in another one of his amazing outfits before he jets off to Manchester for rehearsals. Unfortunately, it seems like that was not to be, and that seems like a good thing right now. After all, Styles' absence here means that we get to see more of him in the coming months. He's really just thinking of all of us.