Lin-Manuel Miranda Is MIA From The Golden Globes

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

If you were hoping to see Lin-Manuel Miranda at the Golden Globes tonight, I am afraid you will be a little disappointed. The star is nominated for the original song he wrote for Moana, but if he wins the award, he won't be bounding onto the stage to give a moving acceptance speech. But why isn't Miranda at the Golden Globes? According to Twitter, he is currently in Great Britain bidding farewell to his long-running musical In the Heights.

Before Miranda became a household name for writing Hamilton, he wrote In the Heights, a powerful story taking place over three days in a Dominican-American neighborhood in New York City. The award winning musical enjoyed a three year run on London's West End, which came to a close on Jan. 8— the same night as the Globes. In the Heights signaled Miranda's arrival as a powerful new voice in theater, so it makes sense he would choose to see its final London show over a trip to the Golden Globes.

Do not mistake Miranda's absence for ambivalence toward the Golden Globes, though. Not only is he excited and honored by his nomination, he plans to watch the show in London. Miranda took to Twitter to tell his Moana family to nab a mini bottle of champagne for him.

While there are no guarantees, it will be surprising if Miranda doesn't nab the award for Best Original Song tonight. His tune, "How Far I'll Go," isn't just addictive, but a gorgeous anthem about exploration and independence. The Moana soundtrack is a triumph on every level, but "How Far I'll Go" is definitely a standout song.

Even if Miranda wins and isn't there to accept his trophy, the moment will still be sweet for him and his fans. Everything the star does is a gift, and knowing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association chose to honor his work will be almost as good as seeing a Miranda speech. Win or lose, "How Far I'll Go" is already a winner in they eyes of Moana and Miranda fans.

Knowing he is in London to be with the cast and crew of his long-running play should only make you respect Miranda more. He chose to watch the final West End performance of the play that put him on the map over attending a swanky Hollywood party. Despite his rising fame, Miranda will never forget his theater roots. As proud as he is of his work for Disney, the theater will always be Miranda's home.