Sorry Kit & Rose Shippers, Jon Snow's Better Half Missed The Emmys

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It's no secret that the most recent Game of Thrones season aired too late to qualify for this year's Emmys, and many of the show's alums are missing the event. Kit Harington's better half is also missing the ceremony; in other words, Harington nor Rose Leslie will be at the 2017 Emmys. The Good Fight star was noticeably absent from the red carpet. She and Harington have walked red carpets together at a couple of events in the past, but since neither of their respective series are up for major awards, they will both be sitting this night out. It seems that these actors have opted to spend their evening elsewhere, but Game of Thrones fans can take heart, as next year the show may be showered with nominations. If it is recognized in 2018, there's a good chance that Harington will be at the event, but even then it's unclear if Leslie would show up without a nomination of her own.

Even if GoT aired soon enough to be nominated for this year's ceremony, it's not clear if Leslie would attend the Emmys along with the cast. Her character, Ygritte, was killed in Season 4 by one of the Night's Watch, and unlike other characters in Westeros, she isn't likely to make a surprising reappearance. Ygritte's death means that she hasn't appeared on the show since 2014, but if the series was to receive nominations next year, Leslie could show up to support Harington. The two stars, who played on-screen lovers, are now dating in the real world. In the past, they've kept their relationship fairly private, and it's rare that they walk the red carpet as a couple. In fact, it's only occurred a small number of times.

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In April, Harington and Leslie did appear together the Olivier Awards in London. It was a rare joint appearance, but it could imply that the two are becoming more comfortable with making pubic appearances. However, the Olivier Awards are the only awards sow red carpet the couple have stepped out at together so far (they also appeared as a couple at the event in 2016), and it's unclear if they intend to appear at an awards show in the future.

With no Game of Thrones nominations in the works at the 2017 Emmys, the only reason for Leslie to appear would be in support of her own show, The Good Fight. The CBS series, which is a sequel to The Good Wife and premiered in February, follows a lawyer named Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski), who causes a financial scam and is ousted from a high-profile firm that destroys the reputation of her family. This includes her goddaughter Maia, played by Leslie, and the two join a prominent firm in Chicago run by one of Lockhart's old employees.

The Good Fight wasn't up for any major honors this year, but it was nominated for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. It may not have picked up a ton of noms this year, but it is a young show and could garner more recognition in the future. The series was received well by critics, so perhaps it will fare better in future years. Yet, for this year's Emmy Awards, the single nomination was not enough to draw the prominent cast or crew members from the show to attend the awards. Maybe in the future Leslie's role will draw the attention of the Academy, and she'll be at the event for her own nomination.

Fans will definitely miss the Game of Thrones cast of past and present at this year's Emmy Awards. It's a bummer that Leslie and Harington won't be walking the red carpet together, but there's a good chance they'll be there during the next cycle if they choose to take their love to the Emmys carpet.