This Adorable Video Explains 'Pride & Prejudice' In Two Minutes

On Mar. 24, Read It Forward's YouTube channel, papercuts, published a stop-motion video to explore why Lizzie Bennet is a "kick-a** character." Like the three other videos in papercuts' kick-a** characters series, "Meet Elizabeth Bennet" transforms the literary heroine and her fellow main characters into felt dolls that act out the major events of their novel. It's so cute, you'll want to share it with every book nerd you know.

Pride and Prejudice is the fourth novel papercuts has tackled for this video series. Lizzie Bennet follows Mark Watney of The Martian, Daenerys Targaryen of A Song of Ice and Fire, and Claire Fraser of Outlander. The series has been running since February 2016, and it seriously needs more installments. I know you want to see Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables, Janie Crawford of Their Eyes Were Watching God, and Jane Eyre get the kickass characters treatment, too.

2017 marks the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's passing, so what better time to revisit her most beloved heroine? Check out the adorable stop-motion video from Read It Forward's papercuts series below, and remember exactly why every book nerd still aspires to be Elizabeth Bennet, even after all these years.