Why Nikki From 'Double Shot At Love' Is Totally Fine With Getting The Villain Edit


From the second she stepped out of the limo, Nikki from Double Shot At Love had a good, ahem, shot at ending up with a guido. Why? Because both Pauly D and Vinny had hearts in their eyes from the moment they saw her.

"The minute [she] walked out of the car, I'm like, yo, that girl's sexy," Vinny said during the first episode. Ultimately, though Nikki decided she wanted to move forward with Pauly, and Vinny was OK with that.

Because of their instant attraction to one another, it came as no surprise that Nikki was the first of the women to share a kiss with Pauly. And while they were alone, she didn't waste any time before getting real about what she wants.

"When do you think you wanna get married?" she asked him. He kept his answer short, saying simply "one day." Later, Nikki said, "I'm just looking for a man that's gonna wake up every day and choose me." Pauly said he could relate, so they could have some real potential.

Since the show premiered, Nikki has appeared as a guest on Afterbuzz TV, a YouTube talk show that discusses all things reality TV. There, she talked more about how wild the Double Shot experience was, especially because she didn't know who she signed up to date before Pauly and Vinny walked down the mansion stairs. She said she just agreed to be on a dating show.

"I was completely oblivious to the decor in the house. It never once crossed my mind to take the hint!" she tweeted. "Thought I was gonna see @souljaboy or @TreySongz and make a full on U-Turn back home like Cate!" (After an emotional downward spiral, Cate eliminated herself on night one.) "You think you know what you're gonna sign up for but honestly, you can't control what's gonna happen," Nikki said during her AfterBuzz interview.

Thankfully, after seeing Pauly, Nikki chose to stay. And when the other women noticed her bold initiation with him, she immediately became the villain of the house. Though the rest of the contestants asked her repeatedly if she and Pauly kissed, Nikki denied it. Because she could.

"I had nine people asking me if I kissed the guy... Like, leave me alone!" she tweeted during the episode. "It's not your business."

She may have the villain edit right now, but it doesn't seem to bother her too much. "I'd rather be the bxtch that's talked about than the miserable bxtch talking," she tweeted. She also insists she never wanted to fight. She was just being real and doing her own thing.

She must have worked it out with the rest of the women, though, because in her AfterBuzz interview, Nikki said she liked all of them. "It was a good group of girls," she said. "I feel like everybody was strong and, you know, their own person, so it was a wild experience."

Right now, fans only know a fraction of it — things are only going to get wilder.