Why Fans Of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Might Not See Them Again Until The Wedding

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Anyone hoping to get another glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle before their May 19 wedding day may be out of luck. Based on the Royal Family's official website, Harry and Markle may not attend any more events before their wedding, as Just Jared noted. So, the next time you see the couple could be when they're exchanging "I will's."

The Royal Family's website details the future engagements that any of the members of the family will attend. According to the site, Harry is not scheduled to attend any official events prior to his and Markle's May 19 wedding. That doesn't mean that there aren't any members of the Royal Family who have planned future engagements in early May. In particular, Anne, the Princess Royal, and Edward, the Earl of Wessex, have a slew of upcoming events to attend throughout the month.

Similarly, the Kensington Palace Twitter account will frequently detail whether Harry and Markle (and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) are due to attend any upcoming royal engagements. Yet, the account has not revealed whether the husband and wife-to-be will appear at any other official events in the near future.

Seeing as though neither the Royal Family website nor the Kensington Palace Twitter have detailed an upcoming engagement for Harry and Markle, fans will likely next see the couple during their big day on May 19.

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And as for the pair's next event after their wedding? Well, the royal family's website does not list any official engagements for the couple even after that date or throughout the summer. However, it's incredibly likely that the two will attend more events in the future (events that are possibly just not listed yet). One of those royal engagements could even come very shortly after their wedding.

Queen Elizabeth will celebrate the 65th anniversary of her coronation on June 2, as Hello! magazine noted. If the celebration for the 60th anniversary is any indication, it will be an event that sees the the Royal Family in attendance, which would, of course, include the newlyweds Harry and Markle. So, it might not be too long of a wait until the masses get to see the couple at their next royal event following their wedding.

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Markle and Harry's most recent official royal event, and possibly their last for some time, was during Anzac Day on April 25. The Australian and New Zealand day of remembrance is in honor of those who died and served during war efforts. The couple first attended a dawn service, which is an Anzac Day tradition, to honor those who passed. Later in the day, the pair, along with Prince William (in his first official event since the birth of his son, Prince Louis, per Entertainment Tonight), attended an Anzac Day memorial service at Westminster Abbey.

Before their Anzac Day appearances, the two were very busy with all of their other prior engagements. In early April, they donned their best athletic apparel as they met with Invictus Games hopefuls, per People. In February, they visited Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, where they looked like a totally picture perfect pair. So, it's not as though the couple haven't been busy with royal engagements in the past.

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It's always fun to see Harry and Markle together doing their royal duties. However, fans maybe shouldn't expect any more appearances by the couple in the near future prior to the couple's wedding. Instead, it seems like the pair are taking time off from their royal events. No matter whether they attend any engagements soon or not, royal watchers can definitely expect to see the pair when their happy day soon arrives on May 19.