The 'Southern Charm' Cast Needs To Give Craig A Break

by Marenah Dobin
Rebecca Miller/Bravo

I am so done with the Southern Charm cast members hating on Craig Conover for every single thing that he does. I get that a good amount of that comes from a place of concern and that many of them are trying to provide constructive criticism, but it's getting to be a little much. The Southern Charm cast needs to give Craig a break.

They all love making fun of #NewCraig, but he really has evolved as a person, and it's about time that some compliments come his way. He is a lot more together than any of them ever acknowledge. It's ridiculous when some of them are just born wealthy for a living, and they hate on Craig for taking longer than expected to finish law school. Many of them are single and hitting on random people at bars, yet Craig gets few kudos for being in a stable relationship with Naomie Olindo. He is doing a lot of things right, but he still gets made fun of.

Of course, Craig is not perfect. His arguments with Naomie have been featured in recent episodes and he has not handled everything with her in the best way. But still, the Craig hate has been going on for far longer (as in, for several seasons) than his issues with Naomie and the guy hasn't been able to catch a break.

Enough is enough. If you aren't already a member of #TeamCraig, I'm about to convince you why you should be. There are plenty of reason why people need to stop hating on Craig and give him the support and credit that he deserves.

1. He Passed The Bar

Life is hard. It takes a lot of time and effort to pass the bar. Could Craig have achieved this goal sooner? Yes, but he has admitted his faults and he can't go back and change what has already happened. Let's leave the past in the past and just congratulate Craig on passing the bar instead of continuing to hate on him for taking longer than expected to get the job done.

2. He Is Well-Rounded

What is the point of telling jokes about Craig building a bird house or embroidering a pillow case? He is just branching out by taking on new hobbies. There's really no reason to make fun of someone who is more than just his job and the Charleston social scene. Oh, and he runs marathons too.

3. He Is In A Happy Relationship

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single and playing the field, but there is definitely something to celebrate when it comes to Craig's relationship with Naomie. They have arguments just like any other couple (and I can't support how he acted during their argument at Jennifer Snowden's sip and see), but they love each other and support each other's success. The fact that Craig has been able to maintain a relationship with a wonderful woman like Naomie says a lot about him.

4. He Is Not A Hater

It seems like every person on Southern Charm always has Craig's name in their mouth, but it doesn't go both ways. Craig doesn't trash talk people on camera and he is all about being inclusive and looking out for the underdog. Craig has made many efforts to help Kathryn Dennis and make her feel good about herself after she has been ostracized and ridiculed by others on the show.

5. He Is Charitable

Craig and Naomie are both very active supporters of i'mME, an organization "on a mission to end the orphan cycle through family" in Haiti. They have visited Haiti, donated their time and money, and they ran the New York City Marathon on behalf of the organization, raising $10,000 to help out. (By the way, when Craig and Naomie threw a fundraiser on the show that was for this organization.)

6. He Has Valid Opinions

There have been plenty of times when I thought to myself "Craig is so right" and wondered why no one was listening to him. He is always kind enough to give Kathryn a chance and encourage her to make improvements instead of looking for the worst in her. I also couldn't help agreeing with him when he was outraged that Thomas Ravenel wouldn't acknowledge his own kids during a timeout of a polo match. Craig is a voice of reason on this show.

7. He Strives To Better Himself

A critique never hurt anyone, but it's not like Craig acts like he's the greatest person on the planet. He is usually the first person to acknowledge when he does something wrong or needs to make a change. He is always trying to improve and right his wrongs.

He has passed the bar, he left the bachelor life behind, he helps out various charities. There are so many great things about Craig that get overlooked. Craig deserves some positive acknowledgement. Finally.