This 'RHONY' Season Should Be Ramona's Last

Lars Niki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As a longtime Real Housewives fan, it pains me to write this. Real Housewives of New York City is one of my favorite series of the franchise, and yet… and yet I find it nearly unwatchable. We’re pretty close to the end of the season now, and I am just begging to be shown the door. The reason, I’ve found, is Ramona Singer. Ramona’s an OG Housewife, there since the show’s inception nine seasons ago, and her antics were funny and wacky and crazy at first. Now, they’re just uncomfortable. If you ask me, it's time that Ramona Singer leave Real Housewives of New York City.

The older I get, the less apt I am to forgive people when others say, "Oh, that’s just [name].” Having a quirky personality or loud disposition doesn’t mean that you can’t follow basic rules of societal decency. These things include not bringing up a soft-core porn movie a fellow dinner guest participated in 20 years prior or telling a “friend” that she’s going to ruin all of her relationships and die alone. You’re also expected to not throw a fit when you don’t get something you want or order around staff at a hotel or rented villa like your own personal hired hands. Ramona has done all of these things in her tenure on Real Housewives, and I’m tired of watching it. I don’t know if it’s because so much has happened in the current season at once, but the cracks are starting to show.

The last straw for me occurred during the trip to Mexico Bethenny "planned," the first episode of which aired Wednesday night. Ramona and Sonja are famous for plotting and scheming and stealing the best hotel room for their stay, so much so that they nearly always avoid opening activities in order to call dibs on the room they think is the best. Led by Ramona, they tried to do the same in Mexico, except Bethenny countered their plan by having everyone draw numbers for rooms. Well, Ramona and Sonja drew the worst straws and one would have thought that Bethenny was making them sleep in the dishwasher. They hollered, they carried on, and Ramona tried to move into Dorinda’s bed. Is this a way for a grown woman to act? As Bethenny said, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.” It’s not like a lottery isn’t fair, Ramona.

Ramona also refuses to take responsibility for anything she does or says on the show, and after a decade on television, wouldn’t you remember that we can always go back to the tape? Bethenny can be harsh and acerbic at times, but Ramona telling Bethenny that she slept her way to the top, that she didn’t have any money on her own, and that she was miserable was really just too far. And when Bethenny tries to wipe her hands of Ramona, Ramona acts like she doesn’t know what Bethenny is talking about. We all saw it!

In this age of fake news and misinformation, I just can’t take one more person on television denying the facts. It’s time for Ramona to go away for a season and think about how she’s portrayed herself on television. She can hang out with Jill Zarin, and then maybe come back to Real Housewives of New York City when she's ready to own her truths.