Why You Should Never, Ever Let Your Dog Eat Grapes

by Nia Decaille

Dog owners, listen up! Being at home with your pup can feel a lot like babysitting. However, your pup's ability to find trouble with you in the same room is unparalleled depending on the breed and personality. Sometimes it just isn't enough to keep an eye out! If your dog is every bit as mischievous as a child, it never hurts to take a few precautions. Yes, it is probably time to dog proof your home and make sure that anything toxic or dangerous is kept out of harm's way.

For starters, your dog can't eat grapes. And reading about other pet owners' horror stories is enough to stop buying them altogether. Take Phyllis Maddox, for example. She shared her scary moment after 75-pound Yorkie ate a grape and the short essay was just shy of traumatic. Grapes (and raisins) are known to be toxic for dogs. According to PetMD, If ingested it can cause acute damage to the kidneys and can lead to complications in the urinary tract. Other symptoms of poisoning include loss of appetite, seizures, coma, abdominal pain, and oral ulcers. Research has definitely shown that grapes are toxic, however, how it will affect your dog even after tasting just one is still unknown. But don't let it get that far! Make sure all of your favorite trail mix combinations or fresh produce buys are stowed away properly. Lesson here: absolutely no grapes!

Speaking of toxic foods, here are some other things to steer your dog clear of:

1. Avocado

You might love eating your weight in this fruit, but your dog can't join the guac fest! Although it's usually more severe for other animals like birds, this can potentially cause cardiovascular damage. Better safe than sorry.

2. Beer (Any Alcohol)

Rumor had it that your dog having a few tastes of beer can kill worms, but that may be far from the truth. Even in small doses, alcohol can contribute to diarrhea and get as bad as contributing to central nervous system depression. Take your dog to the vet and don't test this old maiden's tale.

3. Citrus

It's just a no. Even if they don't show signs of poisoning upon consumption, eating anything citrus can damage the nervous system. In small doses, it might present a stomachache. But again, let's not test this out.

4. Macadamia Nuts

All nuts in general are known to be poisonous, but especially macadamia nuts. Within the first 12 hours of ingesting them can result in vomiting, tremors and hyperthermia and last for as long as two days. Avoid the horror story and make sure your dog can't get any bright ideas.

Now that I've successfully scared the crap out of you lucky dog owners, it's helpful to do your own research. Looking for sources like the American Society For The Prevention Of the Cruelty Of Animals is a good place to start. Your dog and your vet will thank you!