Cop Comedy 'Angie Tribeca' Could Come Back For Season 4


As an overly dramatic police procedural farce, Angie Tribeca has always been one of TBS’ stranger scripted series. Even the way it premiered was totally wacky. In January 2016, the first season aired all at once as a 25 hour-long mock telethon. Since Season 2, however, the show’s been airing more traditionally, and now Season 3 has come to an add. But will Rashida Jones’ super-serious detective be back to solve crime another day? Has Angie Tribeca been renewed for Season 4?

Unfortunately, it’s not yet clear whether or not TBS will renew the series for a fourth season yet. Angie Tribeca isn't the network's most popular series, although according to TVSeriesFinale the ratings are better this season than they were for the last season, and have stayed pretty consistent throughout. If you ask me, it seems like TBS is probably less interested in live ratings, given how they promote the show as great marathon material. So it's entirely possible that the show will get picked up again, even though Angie Tribeca isn't at the top of the network's numbers.

In the meantime, there are lots of shows and movies to hit up if you need more Rashida Jones in your life:

'Parks And Recreation'

What would this list be without the show that made Rashida Jones a household name, and described her character as a "beautiful land mermaid"? Ann might not be everyone's all-time favorite Parks And Recreation character, but as the straight man in almost every comedy situation, her role was integral to making the show as beloved as it now is. You can watch the whole series on Netflix, although I recommend starting with Season 2 unless you’re a total completeist.

'I Love You, Man'

Sure, this movie is technically about Paul Rudd's character trying to make a male friend to be his best man at his wedding, but it is Jones’ character's wedding too. And she totally holds her own. I Love You, Man is free to stream via a Cinemax subscription on Amazon, or you could just rent it for a couple of bucks.

'The Office'

When Jim moved from the Scranton office to the Stamford Branch and started dating Karen, it should have been the worst thing to happen to the show. After all, Jim and Pam have always been endgame, right? But Jones was so fun and likable that it was impossible to hate Karen — in fact, she was so cool that their relationship kind of soured me on Jim for a while, if I’m being honest. Start with Season 3 on Netflix to get to Jones’ character right away.

'Our Idiot Brother'

Jones stars alongside Paul Rudd in this movie too, except they aren’t a couple anymore. Now her character is dating his sibling, played by Zooey Deshanel. This time around, she and Rudd get to be way doofier,as they plot to steal his dog back from his ex-girlfriend. You can watch the Our Idiot Brother on Netflix.

'The Awesomes'

The Awesomes is an animated comedy about a bunch of B-list heroes who take over legendary superhero group. Jones plays Hotwire, the daughter of a supervillain who the main lead has a crush on — so she’s basically Talia al Ghul but in a cute pink dress. The show’s now in its third season as a Hulu original, and with 10 episodes each it’d be really easy to marathon it all over a weekend.

'Celeste & Jesse Forever'

Now it’s not too difficult to imagine the goofy Andy Samberg as a romantic lead thanks to his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but in 2012 when Celeste & Jesse Forever was released, it was a bit of a novelty. Luckily Jones is a pro at these kinds of movies (she co-wrote this one, in fact) and the two make it work — although they can't do the same with their relationship. It’s okay, it’s a good thing. Anyway, the movie’s not available to stream free anywhere, but you can rent it for under $4 on Amazon video.

Of course, while Jones is practiced at playing a straight face, Angie Tribeca is remarkable for letting her do that and be ridiculously funny at the same time. Here’s to hoping it gets a fourth season so audiences can keep watching her do her best Leslie Nielsen impression for another 10 episodes!