Liz's 'Bachelor' Secret May Have Big Repercussions

Rick Rowell/ABC

The Bachelor is basically known for bringing awkward situations to our living rooms via our TVs, but on Monday night, it hit a new high when Liz came clean about her prior history with Nick Viall. During a group date, she used a fake breakup scenario to reveal that she and Nick had a history from Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding, and after sending her home, Nick decided it was time to explain to the other women that it was a true story... and it does not look like they took it well. So will anyone leave The Bachelor after Nick's reveal? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised.

Although Nick only came clean with the women who were on the group date with Liz in Monday night's episode, don't worry — everyone else is about to find out. In the preview for next week, there's what seems to be a montage of the other women expressing a lot of shock and disappointment after finding out Nick's secret, and it doesn't look pretty. A few of them even start questioning whether or not Nick's actually looking for a wife or a hookup, and there's definitely the potential there for someone to go home, although we'll have to wait for next Monday to find out for sure.

One night stands are a pretty common thing — especially after weddings, as romantic comedies have taught us all — so it doesn't seem like that's what these ladies are upset about. It seems more like they're bummed Nick wasn't upfront about it from the beginning, which I totally get. But it's such an awkward situation all around, so I can't blame him for keeping quiet either.

Besides, it's not like it gave Liz an edge or anything. In fact, Nick sent her home before the group date was even over, so the problem of their previous "relationship" doesn't even exist at this point. Hopefully, everyone ultimately decides to stay. It's too early in the season to risk missing out on something awesome!