The 'APB' Squad Is Worthy Of A Season 2


It would be great if justice could be served with the use of fair technology, and the Fox series APB set about exploring that very possibility. The series, which stars Justin Kirk as an eccentric bilionaire engineer who buys a police precinct for that exact purpose, will shortly wrap up its first season on Fox. Will APB be renewed for Season 2? The procedural surely has more mysteries to debug.

TVLine's renewal scorecard has it as a long shot, so I wouldn't hold my breath. The ratings have been steady enough for the past couple of weeks, but dropped considerably during Season 1. The show also premiered at midseason, which is stereotypically a bad sign — though not necessarily the kiss of death. Plenty of shows, for example Parks and Recreation, start mid-year and go on for several years.

All APB needs is for Fox to take a chance on another season. It also has a diverse, killer cast. While there are a few relative newcomers, like Tamberla Perry and William Smillie from Chicago Fire, which as part of the Law & Order family might feel the most like APB, most of the cast are television veterans from many of your favorite shows. While Fox makes a decision about the future of APB, here's where you can find the squad members in the meantime.

Justin Kirk

It's always a smart idea to revisit HBO's adaptation of Angels in America, where APB's lead actor stars as Prior Walter, but I also suggest watching Kirk in Weeds.

Ernie Hudson

Watch him in Grace and Frankie, please. The Netflix series may be nothing like APB, but it is underrated and he's phenomenal.

Natalie Martinez

Definitely revisit her in Kingdom — though Martinez is also on Secrets and Lies, Under the Dome, and CSI: New York.

Tyler Handley

Sure, he was on Vegas, but why not throwback to Oliver Trask, Handley's character on The O.C.? It's a journey none of us should forget.

Caitlin Stasey

Why aren't more people watching Reign? It's an honest delight.

Hopefully, this team will be back up and running in APB Season 2. But if they never do, or the wait is longer than expected, at least these performers are not too hard to find.