This New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Tease About Season 15 Will Give April Fans So Much Hope

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The end of Grey's Anatomy Season 14 proved to be a significant turning point in the show's history since it also marked the departure of Arizona Robbins and April Kepner. Many fans were devastated to see two prominent figures in the beloved medical drama leave, but during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly McCreary opened up about what's next for Jackson and Maggie, and her hints could give hope to fans hoping April will be in Grey's Anatomy Season 15.

No, McCreary didn't spill the beans on a possible on screen return for April. Sarah Drew, who played April for years, has said herself that there are no concrete plans for her to return to the show any time soon. That said, though she might not be there physically, but McCreary revealed that her presence will still be felt on the show, particularly when it comes to Maggie and Jackson's relationship. "There are definitely still traces of April in his life. There's still Harriet there,"McCreary told ET, while adding that the upcoming Grey's premiere, which debuts on Thursday, Sept. 27 with two back-to-back episodes, "picks up just the very day after Jo and Alex's wedding."

In the finale, April decided to leave Grey Sloan Memorial after a near-death experience caused her to reconsider her priorities in life. This led to her opting to change careers by helping the less fortunate. She also went on to marry her former beau, Matthew. It's a lot of change for one person to go through, so taking into consideration that barely any time has gone by, it makes sense that April will still weigh heavily on Jackson and Maggie's minds.

So while McCreary assures viewers that Jackson and Maggie are still very much in the honeymoon stage of their romance, she also warns that — like most relationships on Grey's and in real life — it won't always be smooth sailing all the time. "They're new and so it's still just building right now," McCreary explained to ET. "We're a few episodes into shooting and they're getting to know each other. They're finding what the quality of the relationship is."

This includes seeing Maggie get in touch with her maternal side with Jackson and April's daughter, Harriet — a task she will evidently take to relatively easily. "She's very good at it," McCreary teased. "You've seen her with Meredith's kids." So could this be a ship built to last the test of time? You'll just have to watch the new season to find out.

Speaking of waiting to find things out, McCreary isn't giving anything away in regards to that surprising hookup scene between Meredith and DeLuca, which was featured in a recent Grey's Anatomy promo. "I think you guys are just going to have to wait and see," she said, making a point not to directly comment on the surprising scene. "And I would love to see a poll of what people are hoping for that." Since the promo was released, some fans have argued that it could be a total fake out and end up proving to be nothing more than a dream sequence. Others think it's the real deal after DeLuca attempted to kiss Meredith at Jo and Alex's wedding last season. If the new key art for Season 15 is any indication, though, Meredith won't mind all the romantic attention coming her way. The season's slogan, "15 seasons of feels," certainly carries the promise of romance coming her way.

Suffice it to say, there's still going to be just as much drama as ever on Grey's Anatomy, even without the physical presence of Arizona and April. But then again, did we really expect anything less?