Sarah Drew Would Consider Coming Back To 'Grey's Anatomy' — But Not As A Doctor

Eric McCandless/ABC

When fans found out that April was being written off Grey's Anatomy, it was heartbreaking for many devotees of the show. Fortunately, Shonda Rhimes spared her character's life and let her exit the show to a new chapter of charity work with a new husband and a chance at her well-deserved happily ever after. And since she's not dead, there's a conceivable chance that April could return to Grey's Anatomy in the future.

But just how realistic is that? It definitely doesn't seem like Season 15, which premieres Sept. 27, is a possibility. Back in April, Entertainment Weekly confirmed the show's Season 15 renewal and announced the returning cast. Sarah Drew's April was not on that list. It would be hard to believe she'd come back in any capacity that quickly, though. She only just left the show and Drew isn't ready to come back any time soon.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Drew spoke fondly of her character but also made it clear that she's moving forward in her life and career. Drew noted that there have been no conversations with ABC about a potential guest role. Still, she said she would "maybe" be open to something down the road, but not now. "I have said goodbye to April and put her to rest. I would be perfectly happy not being April again," Drew said. "I don't feel a particular urge to play her any time soon."

Eric McCandless/ABC

Drew reiterated those feelings in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying, "I really do feel like I said goodbye to her, and it was an epic farewell, a beautiful farewell, and I did feel like I closed the door on my life as April Kepner." She then added of a potential return, "But those people are my family, that community is my family, so I'm certainly not saying, 'No.'"

In the meantime, though, Drew is excited about what's to come. "I’m walking into a new chapter of my life … I’m just coming alive, it feels like a rebirth," she said to Vulture. There are a few projects on the horizon for Drew, according to IMDB, including a holiday movie called Christmas Pen Pals. But first, she has a movie coming out in just a few weeks.

As ET reported, her movie, Indivisible, which she both starred in and produced (along with featuring two of her Grey's buddies, Justin Bruening and Jason George), comes out on Oct. 26, which and stars . She also stars in the film and produced it. Drew told THR she's looking forward to honing her craft behind the camera as well as in front, and would "maybe" consider returning to direct a Grey's episode one day.

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Until then, though, expect to hear her name brought up and her presence felt on the show. Kelly McCreary who plays Maggie said as much in another Entertainment Tonight interview. "There are definitely still traces of April in [Jackson's] life. There's still Harriet there," McCreary says of April and Jackson's daughter, whom McCreary hints that Maggie will get to spend some time with. "[Maggie's] very good at it. You've seen her with Meredith's kids," the actor said.

So, while Drew's door to April is shut, you can also see through the keyhole that maybe one day she'll return in some capacity — Drew's not ruling it out. And, in the meantime, at least the show's other characters won't be pretending like she never existed.