This BBC Series Features A Spider Discovered So Recently It Doesn't Even Have A Name


The BBC's newest wildlife documentary series Australia: Earth's Magical Kingdom takes an in-depth look into the country's diverse wildlife, and their ever-changing natural habitat. The three-part series explores newly-discovered Australian creatures, and examines the behaviours of animals some viewers may recognise and others that might not be so familiar. Viewers are also exposed to the challenges faced by wildlife in what can be an extreme environment. But will Australia: Earth's Magical Kingdom return for series 2?

As it stands there has been no word of a second series, however, I have reached out to the BBC for comment, and will provide updates once new information becomes available. According to the BBC, Australia: Earth's Magical Kingdom began airing on BBC Two earlier in March and is a three-part series, meaning the series will conclude on Friday, March 28. The show presents Australia as a land of extremes, displaying the country's high snowy peaks and deep wild seas, as well as the creatures who occupy them.

Part of the show's official synopsis reads: "Throughout the series we meet animal characters so enigmatic that most Australians are unaware they share not just their island continent, but their own suburban backyards. The series also reveals the challenges these animals must navigate in a land of extremes, and extreme human-induced change."


The three episodes are titled Ocean, Land, and Human, and are produced by Tosca Looby. peaking about the series. In a statement sent to iNews, the producer explained that the series would take in a vast array of Australian wildlife. "We travel vast distances along dirt roads to reach nocturnal animals that scamper for cover at the slightest hint of movement. We take to shark-rich waters to record ocean creatures that may or may not have arrived for their seasonal migration. It’s a hard, frustrating and, mercifully, sometimes gloriously satisfying game of cinematic roulette."

Australia: Earth's Magical Kingdom is narrated by Barry Humphries, and explores creatures such as the numbat — a sweet-natured marsupial which used to roam freely across the entire continent, but nowadays only manages to survive in the small Dryandra Woodland in Western Australia. Other species displayed featured in the BBC series include the male palm cockatoo, a tree-dwelling kangaroo, a spider that survives underwater, a bird that gathers burning sticks, and flies that get a kick out of annoying the menacing saltwater crocodile.


According to the BBC, viewers will be introduced to animals so mysterious, that even the majority of Australians are unaware of their existence — and according to What's on TV, some of the most shocking footage revolves around a rare tarantula that is so recently discovered, it doesn't actually have a name yet. The series also brings the challenges faced by many of these animals to the surface, which involves navigating an environment that has been largely effected by human-induced change.

This fascinating series is must-see TV for fans of all things wildlife, and if you haven't got around to watching Australia: Earth's Magical Kingdom just yet, you really should. Both episodes one and two are now available to watch on BBC iPlayer, and the final episode of the series will air Friday, March 29 at 9 p.m. on BBC Two.