Bekah M. Reveals Whether She'll Do 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Paul Hebert/ABC

On Sunday night's The Bachelor: Women Tell All special, fans found out a lot of new intel about Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s contestants, but one in particular came bearing big news. It's official, everyone: Bekah Martinez is headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer, so get ready to see more of her wit and sass on your TV in just a few short months.

And for the record, the way that Chris Harrison announced the news was actually really cute. For the last several weeks, Bekah's been making headlines pretty consistently for the missing person report on her that surfaced shortly after this season of The Bachelor started airing. The reason behind it is pretty simple — she was hanging out with friends on a farm where she had no phone service, and her parents (like many parents) assumed the worst. Of course, this came up in conversation during Women Tell All, and when Chris called Bekah's mom on air as part of a joke of letting her know where her daughter was, he dropped the bomb.

"There's a good chance she's going to be missing for about two weeks this summer, because hopefully she'll be in Mexico on Bachelor in Paradise," he said.

It's really exciting to hear that Bekah is heading to Paradise. From the little bit fans got to know her on The Bachelor, she seemed like a genuinely interesting and unique person. Unfortunately, so much of her screen time was based around boring topics like how old she was and how she couldn't possibly be ready to fall in love and get married because she was inexperienced in relationships because of her age. Mhm. Maybe this time, now that all of that is behind her, we'll get to really get to know her for who she is — and judging by her social media, that person is super fun.

And so far, it seems like tons of fans on Twitter are super excited that we get to see more of Bekah. Their tweets are all over the place, ranging from excited to super excited.

Sadly, Bekah didn't say anything about BiP herself during her segment, so there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered, like who she's hoping to meet on the beach? Whatever happens, it's going to be so much fun to see her interacting with other contestants who weren't on her season. Maybe she'll make some new BFFs? Maybe she'll find a guy who's way better suited for her than Arie was? Regardless of what happened, everyone can rest assured that Bekah's parents will know exactly where she is, so no one in her family needs to be concerned she was missing during filming when she didn't have her phone on her. Can we finally put that story to rest now?

When Bekah was on screen on The Bachelor, there was never a dull moment, so there's no doubt that the same will happen on BiP — and she may even end up being more entertaining in Mexico than she was in the Bachelor mansion, since the laid back atmosphere of BiP seems more like her element. Now, we can all start counting down the days until she arrives on the beach. Which Bachelor guy is she going to hit it off with this summer?

First things first, though: the end of this season of The Bachelor, and then The Bachelorette... and, of course, the BiP cast announcements so we can find out who else will be there with Bekah. There are so many Bach-related things to look forward to in the coming months, and now, this is another to add to the list.