Remember These Amazing 'Bill Nye The Science Guy' Episodes?

by Genevieve Van Voorhis

When it first premiered in April 2017, Bill Nye Saves The World was met with mixed reviews, but Netflix still managed to lock down America's favorite scientist TV host for two more seasons. Season 3 hit the streaming platform on May 11, but will Bill Nye Saves The World return for Season 4? Netflix hasn't announced an official greenlight for the show yet, and they likely won't for quite some time. (It just aired, guys.) Don't worry, though. I've hand picked a selection of classic Bill Nye moments from the original Bill Nye the Science Guy to help you brush up on the basics and tide you over until it (maybe) returns sometime this winter if it follows past seasons. Science rules!

Between the nostalgia factor and a weighty name like Bill Nye Saves the World, this series had an awful lot to live up to. Whether or not it managed to live up to expectations, well, you can be the judge. Currently, the new Bill Nye holds 3.5 stars out of 10 on IMDB. Jesse Schedeen of IGN, claims that the problem with the new series isn't Nye himself, it's the talkshow style format that breaks from Nye's old series' format. Because Netflix doesn't post Nielson ratings or any other stats to try and determine how many people are watching a series, it's hard to say whether Season 2 managed to pick up or drop viewers from the first season.

Things couldn't have been all that bad, though, since Season 3 is already finished. Netflix didn't announce Season 3's return until April 9, just a little over a month before its premiere date. Season 3 comes a little less than six months after Season 2 dropped on December 29, 2017, which in turn came about eight months after Season 1's April 21 debut. If Netflix does decide to bring back Bill Nye Saves the World for Season 4, fans can probably expect to hear about it in about six months.

Just in case this Bill Nye revival isn't quite satisfying your thirst for knowledge/nostalgia, here are some of the best OG Bill Nye episodes for you to revisit.

"Phases of Matter"

Genevieve Van Voorhis/Bustle

Bill Nye in his purest form. A fundamental science lesson for kids of all ages, this episode includes the catchy tune Johnny Atom, set to the Brady Bunch theme song, as well as some spoken word poetry and rapping about the changing phases. The science aspect itself is pretty straight forward (This is a liquid. This is a gas. This is a solid.), so it was still entertaining, even if you were really young or science wasn't your strong suit.

"Earth's Crust"

Genevieve Van Voorhis/Bustle

If you ever felt curious about what exactly is going on on the inside of the planet, this is the episode where Bill answers all your questions. They go visit the site of Mount St. Helen, Bill burns a bunch of random stuff in a cup of hot magma, digs for sapphires, and some lucky little science nerds get to make a volcano out of molten glass.

"Static Electricity"

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If you didn't incessantly rub a balloon on your head after this episode and try to stick it to stuff, did you really learn anything about electricity? Same goes for dragging your stocking feet across the carpet and going around giving your siblings electric shocks.


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You probably watched this episode a year after watching the episode on "Phases of Matter," and heck if it didn't clear some stuff up. Bill explains the make up of atoms and molecules, gets charged by a bull, shows viewers many different models of atoms, and there's a version of Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life" with science-themed lyrics.

"Chemical Reactions"

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Candace Cameron from Full House dropped in for her very own segment, "Candace the Science Gal," which was unfortunately short lived, but still great. They also give explicit instructions for a DIY fire extinguisher. If you re-watch this one now, you'll be old enough to poke a hole in the top of the jar without your parental supervision! I still wouldn't recommend starting fires just to put them out, though.

Fans are about six months out from a possible Saves the World Season 4, but there's plenty of Bill Nye content to last until then.