Will Chrissy Teigen Be At The 2017 VMAs? Her Man Is Nominated

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

With the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards waiting just around the moon rock-lined corner, an important question arises: Will Chrissy Teigen be at the VMAs? Will everyone’s favorite award show attendee be part of this Sunday’s event, or will the Forum be devoid of her red carpet glam and GIF-friendly reactions? Let's hope the award show queen makes her triumphant return this year.

This is merely conjecture, but all things considered, it seems likely that she'll be there. For starters, she could be one of the presenters. It looks like MTV has yet to announce who will hand out the astronaut-shaped trophies this year, so for all we know, Teigen could be on that list. And if she isn't a presenter, she could be there cheering on her husband, John Legend. Or maybe she won’t be there at all.

As far as “Reasons Why Chrissy Teigen Might Go To The 2017 VMAs” goes, “Surefire” being up for Best Fight Against The System probably belongs in that category. In the past, the Lip Sync Battle host has supported her musician husband at the Grammys, the Academy Awards, the American Music Awards, and so on. And when she goes to an award show, she delivers high quality award show moments.

Then again, she did opt to skip the 2017 Billboard Music Awards even though Legend was one of the evening’s performers. So, she doesn’t attend every award show her husband is nominated at and/or performing at. She could always pull a 2016 VMAs and stay home and tuck into some ramen and a Subway sandwich. And all of that is more than OK. It’d be weird (to say the least) if she had to go every time.

Whatever the case may be, an award show is always better when Teigen is around. It'd be the opposite of a bummer if she stepped onto that red carpet this Sunday.