Wedding Bells Could Be Ringing For This 'BB19' Couple

Johnny Vy/CBS

With Cody's eviction in the Aug. 17 episode, the first power couple of Big Brother 19 is completely out of the game. Jessica was evicted last week, and in Cody's exit interview, he may have let some future plans slip. Will Cody and Jessica get married after Big Brother? According to Cody, it's definitely a possibility.

During his exit interview, Julie asked Cody, "Final thoughts?" And Cody immediately replied with, "I just want to see Jessica and my daughter." So Julie decided to jump the gun and ask, "Are you going to marry Jessica?" Once again, Cody had zero hesitation and said, "I will."

Julie hypothesized, "She's probably screaming at home watching right now." Yeah seriously. It has to be crazy finding a boyfriend on reality TV, hearing that he wants to marry you while you're watching the house from home, and then having to wait until the end of the summer before you two can even see each other again. It would be a great idea for a camera crew to visit Jessica at home next week to see her reaction. Hint hint, Big Brother producers. People would definitely tune in.

Cody and Jessica said "I love you" to each other last week when she was eliminated, so this relationship already seemed to be pretty serious. Yes, they went from zero to 100 real quick. Then again, this is reality TV. Romance moves at lightning speed, especially when you're cut off from the world.

So is this another Jeff and Jordan or Brendan and Rachel type of love? Or just one of the many Big Brother showmances that comes to an eventual end? Cody, at least, has no qualms about telling the world that he's in for the long haul.