Here Are ColourPop's Yes, Please Palette Restock Deets

When ColourPop announced their first-ever fixed eyeshadow palette, I knew fans would love it, but I didn't realize how much. ColourPop's Yes, Please Palette sold out fast. As in, less than 20 minutes. According to Instagram, it was literally selling faster than people could add it to their virtual cart. If you're wondering if the Yes, Please Palette will be restocked, the short answer is in the name of the product. Here's everything we know so far, so you can plan your shopping tactic.

UPDATE: According to the Instagram stories announcement, ColourPop's Yes, Please Palette will be back in stock on June 28 at 1 p.m. ET.

EARLIER: In case you blinked and missed the launch, let me fill you in. ColourPop announced on their Instagram stories that they were launching three brand new products — a 24-shade empty case, a six-shade highlighter kit called Gimme More, and their very first fixed eyeshadow palette called Yes, Please. To no surprise, it was the shadows that got peoples' attention. The 12-shade palette is a combination of warm-toned mattes and shimmers that are perfect for summer.

I don't know whether it was the colors or the excitement for their first fixed palette, but it sold out extremely fast. Thankfully, ColourPop is working on a restock, according to their Instagram update. This is pretty exciting news. Especially considering that it's a limited edition palette.

Don't get too excited though. Unfortunately, as of June 17, ColourPop does not have a date for their restock. They did announce on their Instagram stories that it will be here as soon as possible. Basically, you should start stalking ColourPop's social media for the next few days, so you're the first to know.

As of June 17, the Gimme More Palette is also sold out on the ColourPop website. While the brand has been extremely vocal about the restock of Yes, Please, they have yet to mention anything about the highlighter palette. Bustle reached out to the brand for comment.

While you wait, there are plenty of other new items to stock up on. ColourPop just recently launched their single summer shadows and the large empty palette to put them in — all of which are still in stock as of June 17. Something tells me it won't be long before you'll be able to shop the other palettes too.