ColourPop's Marketing Managers Spill Why The Yes, Please Palette Is A Must-Have

ColourPop Cosmetics is killing the makeup game. From their Blotted Lips to their killer highlighters, every product the brand puts out is nearly kills the internet, and for good reason — the quality (for the price) can't be beat. While tons of their launches cause fanfare, ColourPop's new Yes, Please palette is blowing up social media in a major way. If you've been on the fence about whether or not to grow your (growing) collection of eyeshadow palettes, ColourPop's Marketing Managers Sharon Pak and Jordynn Wynn tell me exactly why you need the new palette.

What exactly is in the Yes, Please palette, though? At this point, it's no secret that warm shades are a total trend. With brands like Urban Decay and Natasha Denona releasing palettes dedicated to sunset and fire-like hues, those reds, browns, oranges, and golds seem to be all the rage. Now, ColourPop is getting in on the action.

Yes, Please Palette, $16, ColourPop Cosmetics

The Yes, Please palette is a gorgeous collection of eyeshadows in warm, sunset tones. With 12 shadows in a set, it's also a complete steal considering that the palette retails for only $16. That's only a bit over $1 per shadow, and fans and beauty bloggers have praised the brand's shadows in the past so you've got some evidence that the shadow quality is legit.

ColourPop Cosmetics/Snapchat

Yes, Please Palette, $16, ColourPop Cosmetics

If that's not enough to get you ready to shop the Yes, Please palette, input from ColourPop's Pak and Wynn will. This dynamic duo is practically the face of the brand on social media, and they're giving you their personal reasons for why you need this palette.


"This is the palette made for summer — beautiful oranges, reds, warm metals. I honestly want one for myself, which is rare. Be trendy all summer long for only $16!"


"You can't beat the price and the quality is insane! This is a perfect example of when cheap isn't cheap. Our shadows swatch like butttaaaaa."

Yes, Please Palette, $16, ColourPop Cosmetics

The palette is unfortunately sold out, but don't worry, though. I'm almost certain a restock will be coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled!