People Are Desperate For Jack & Dani To Stay Coupled Up IRL, Because Jani Is REAL

Love Island / ITV

This year, Love Island fans have had something steady to cling on to in order to restore their faith in true love amid all the dumpings, snakey behaviour, and partner-swapping; Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham. The pair have warmed the nation's hearts with their love story after coupling up at the very beginning of the series. However, they hit a serious bump in the road on Monday, and now, people are wondering, will Jack and Dani stay together or is it now destination splitsville?

Let's have a quick recap over how the villa's golden couple got into this messy situation.

The final week of Love Island kicked-off with the return of the reliably dramatic lie detector challenge. Several couples started to unravel under its spotlight but few would have expected it to be Jani. After seven weeks of doing their best to guide the questionably loyal Georgia Steel, dishing out top quality life advice to anyone who needed it, and even whipping up a family-friendly dinner of fajitas, they had basically become the villa's mum and dad. And it's no fun at all to see your mum and dad fighting. But fight they did.

After Jack failed some pretty crucial questions in the task (and passed some pretty big ones too, to be fair to him), Dani struggled to overcome doubts about his ability to stay faithful to her outside of the villa. They fought by the fire pit, they bickered in bed, and shot each other dirty looks on the swing.

Fans of the show were seriously worried what the fallout might mean for their favourite couple. Although they did eventually agree to bury the hatchet during a heartwarming chat on the day beds, those tuning in at home were still concerned. Could the couple's big fallout may have had a lasting impact on Jani's relationship? Will the villa's power couple crumble at the last hurdle?

By the looks of things, the Internet is pretty worried:

In Wednesday night's episode, the Islanders navigated the annual baby challenge. And while the arrival of a screaming newborn has the potential to emphasise any crack in a relationship, for Dani and Jack, their daughter Kimberley Flo Fincham ("Kiki" for short), appeared to make everything better. After some initial reluctance from Jack, his parenting style impressed Dani that she sang his praises afterwards.

"He’s brilliant with her. I feel like I love him more. I can’t believe it. He really loves that baby," she said. "This morning he wasn’t warming to her as much as I wanted him to do, and now he doesn’t leave her alone. He really loves her."

Does this mean the villa's golden couple are back on track to stay together and win?

It certainly does, according to bookmakers William Hill. Apparently, Jack and Dani have attracted over 50 percent of all of the company's bets on this year’s Love Island. As a result, Janie are now tipped at 1/8 to win the series when it finishes on Monday, July 30.

William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly siad in a press release: "The punters have put their money where their mouths are and if the odds of 1/8 weren’t a strong indicator of how comfortably we think Dani and Jack are going to win, then the fact that more than one in every two bets have been for them suggests they will be walking away with the £50,000."

Josh and Kaz, you might want to have a little break-up-make-up moment of your own if you're going to be in with a chance of securing that prize money. Because if there's one thing Love Island fans enjoy more than an emotional episode, it's a couple who overcome the odds to find true love. Sigh.