Fans Are Already Theorizing About 'Deadly Class' Season 2

Katie Yu/SYFY

Only one season in, Syfy's Deadly Class has already accrued a dedicated fanbase. Twitter is full of viewers with passionate opinions about the show, and it seems clear that many are hoping the show gets renewed. So will Deadly Class return for Season 2?

So far, there hasn't been any official announcement regarding whether or not the series will come back for more action. However, the bloggers at TVseriesfinale.com predict Deadly Class will be renewed, given its warm reception and growing ratings. According to the site, Deadly Class currently ranks fifth among Syfy's other shows, and has about 402,000 viewers weekly. Shows with lower ratings, like Van Helsing and Wynonna Earp, have already been renewed, so hopefully Deadly Class is able to follow suit.

Taylor Hickson, who plays Petra in the series, told Metro that if the show is renewed, there are some big things coming down the pike. "We got some plans on the back burner," the actor said. "You guys aren't ready." Another good sign? Showrunner Rick Remender tweeted that the "show is too good and our fans are too loyal to not get Season 2. All will be well."

And fans on the Deadly Class Reddit board, which is dedicated to both the show and the comic book series it's based on, are keeping their fingers crossed that the show continues.

"Even though there are several similar shows out right now, most on Netflix, the content holds its own, the music is sick and the episodes all seem fresh," wrote Reddit user Ali-Coo. "I hope SyFy breaks [its] losing streak of keeping bad shows and getting rid of good, and renews Deadly Class for another season." Others agreed, and it's clear that everyone is anxious for news. "I will breathe a sigh of relief as soon as it’s confirmed renewed, that's for sure!" wrote user SealRidingOnATurtle.

It also can't hurt that Lana Condor, who broke big with To All The Boys I've Loved Before last August, is one of the stars on the show. She told Collider that Deadly Class has been meaningful for her because of the people who she works with on the show, and the fact that it has allowed her to focus on something other than how the attention from To All The Boys has changed her life.

"These things, with To All the Boys and the success that comes with that, it's a very radical change in my personal life," Condor said. "For me, Deadly Class saved me from getting wrapped up in it or overwhelmed with it because I had a story I was trying to tell and my best friends are at work with me. I think it was just a world that kept me me, you know?"

Maybe Condor's presence, plus the talent of the rest of the cast and crew, will help the show nab a Season 2 renewal. Fans are definitely engrossed in the show and dying to know where its characters will go next, and hopefully they won't be left hanging for much longer.