'Dear White People' Is Taking A Whole New Direction This Season

Lara Solanki/Netflix

Dear White People is back for more satire, laughs, and commentary about what it means to be a Black college student in America. It’s been more than a year since Sam has the wind knocked out of her sails by Rikki and found herself face-to-face with the series’ narrator and leader of The Order. It’s clear that the show will be going in a completely new direction during its third season, but will Dear White People return for Season 4 or is this the end of the story? Netflix hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but if the show’s history is any indication, then fans won’t have to wait too long before they get an answer.

Season 2’s renewal came just two months after the show debuted on the streaming service in late April 2017. And, per The Hollywood Reporter, the Season 3 confirmation happened about a month after Season 2’s premiere. This means there is a chance that fans will know if the show is coming back for a fourth round sometime in the fall. However, Netflix has become notorious for cancelling shows like Sense8, The Get Down, She’s Gotta Have It, One Day At A Time, Santa Clarita Diet, and the entire MCU lineup after their second or third seasons.

A Deadline report suggests that Netflix axes shows around this time because they are no longer profitable for the company. Dear White People certainly has an audience but, unlike Stranger Things, the show isn’t a massive, global phenomenon that is actually owned by Netflix and makes a ton of money.

Fans of this series would be sad to see it go, but it honestly wouldn’t be a surprising move if Netflix decided to cancel the show.

In the meantime, there’s still a lot to look forward to based on the Dear White People Season 3 trailer. Sam announces that she’s officially done with her infamous radio show while Al questions if he’s stuck in a Black Mirror episode because “everyone is acting so different from the traits they previously established.” He questions if people still care, to which Reggie responds yes but also reminds him that people change so life won’t be tedious and predictable like the third season of a Netflix show. Get it?

Joelle takes over the show with her own spin and a variety of guests. Lionel is caught up in some interesting sexual quest that features a man wearing leather pants while Coco continues her plan to use everyone to claw her way to the top echelon of society. Sam and Lionel are going to get a full lesson in The Order, which should be fun because they make a hilarious team. And, it appears that Sam’s boo Gabe might be going through some financial issues, too. Basically, there’s a lot of sharp jokes, observations, and tea that is waiting to be served in Season 3.

Hopefully, this season of Dear White People will continue to please fans and end on a good note with Season 4 renewal announcement. Until then, the mystery of The Order and the array of storylines in Armstrong-Parker is more than enough to keep everyone tuned in to the drama.