Rejoice, 'RHOBH' Fans: Dorit's Husband Will Be On Season 8 Way Less

by Mathew Jedeikin
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Attention Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans, there's yet another reason to get excited about the upcoming season. Rose gold Bentley-driving Dorit Kemsley revealed her husband PK will be on RHOBH Season 8 less, according to Us Weekly, so let's all let out a collective sigh of relief. No shade to Dorit, since she's been a rather welcomed addition to the Real Housewives friends circle. But as fans almost unanimously agree, her husband PK was on the show too much and became pretty unlikable to viewers.

Remember, PK was at the center of Pantygate, the whole situation that unraveled after he claimed to have seen up Erika Jayne's skirt at the white party. This is a claim that Erika was rightfully offended by, and one that she said was unlikely — but that if it did occur, it was entirely unintentional. Then, instead of being a gentleman about it, PK brought this up to his wife. Making matters worse, Erika claimed that PK said he "liked the view."

Unfortunately, Pantygate turned out to be a large part of Season 7, and by the reunion, the entire cast was pretty sick of talking about it. In the reunion special, Erika called PK out for his behavior. "I'm not calling her a nasty person," Erika said, "I'm calling you a nasty person for saying that sh*t about me." Meanwhile, PK seemed to own up to his actions — sort of. He said, "To a certain extent, Erika, I was making light heart of it. I realize now that that went on far too long and I totally agree with you. I can’t believe we’re still here talking about it.”

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With all of that said and done, fans were pretty much over PK's excuses and apparent attacks on Erika. So the announcement that PK will have less of a role in the upcoming season is welcomed news, especially considering the fact that Eileen Davidson won't be returning, which was a hard pill for many Eileen fans to swallow.

When speaking to Us Weekly about her husband, Dorit said, "I know he had a rough season. I think he took it well. He's a big boy," referencing RHOBH Season 7. She then explained her husband's scaled-back appearance by saying, "This season, I think that PK took a step back. He took a back seat and kept it simple." This definitely sounds like a well-advised decision. Even in the reunion special, members of the Real Housewives cast commented on how large of a presence PK had during not only the episode, but the season as a whole.

According to Us Weekly, Dorit was reportedly coy when asked if PK and Erika had made up following Pantygate. But honestly, if you were Erika, would you be in a hurry to make peace with PK? I can't say that I would, though no telling whether or not Erika would hold a grudge. And TBH, she seems like the type of person to take the high road — but that's a whole other tangent.

Regardless, Dorit's recent interview made it clear that she's still standing by her husband at the end of the day, no matter what. She told Us Weekly,

"The thing is, he and I always support each other. We're partners in this life together. We roam through life together and we will be there for each other."

Kudos to Dorit and PK for supporting each other, since a happy and healthy relationship is always a good thing. That being said, less PK in Season 8 of RHOBH is something most fans would agree is also a good thing.