This Tantalising Ellie Goulding Album Update Will Have Fans Desperate To Know More

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Ever since her distinctive debut, Ellie Goulding has been very experimental with her sound, and has become one of the UK's biggest stars as a result. Last time you saw her on a track, she was taking things a bit trap with "Close To Me," a single featuring Swae Lee that came out near the end of 2018. It seemed to usher in a new era of her sound, just in time for the new year. I reckon it's going to be a big year for the singer, but will Ellie Goulding tour the UK in 2019?

While there aren't currently any upcoming live shows listed on Goulding's official site, she is billed to play a concert as part of the BBC's Sound Of 2019 Live event, where she'll join by Sound Of 2019 winner Octavian, List reports. Goulding announced the gig on her Twitter on Jan. 14, as she gushed: "I'm so excited to be playing at BBC #SoundOf2019 live alongside some incredible new talent. Hope to see you there too! x."

According to the event's page, only 50 pairs of tickets were made available, and unfortunately they've long been scooped up. However, you can catch Goulding's performance when it's broadcast live on BBC Radio 1 on Thursday, Jan. 31.

It'll be a particularly special set for Goulding, since she was named BBC's Sound Of winner back in 2010. Now, almost a decade later, she's a global megastar, and I reckon her new sound will propel her to even higher heights.

Goulding confirmed to Billboard this month that she is currently working on a new album, which will be out this year. She also posted a new Instagram of her in a recording studio. Eek!

This is pretty great news, as new albums usually mean new tour dates. However, Goulding also told iHeart Radio in December that she has seriously enjoyed having time to rest. The singer explained that, over the last few years, "[she] didn't really ever take any rest, not just to recuperate and catch up on sleep, but just to rest [her] head." She continued:

"I realised that it was just non-stop and it was tour after tour and TV and crazy stuff that isn't normal. Finally, the past couple of years, I've really been able to reflect on everything and take it all in and just reset my mind. I think that's the best thing that I could have done for this next record and I've been able to have time and space and get back to my normal self again."

So, while I would love another tour announcement to be imminent, by my guess, she probably won't tour her new material until the end of the year. She needs that good shut eye. Bustle reached out to Goulding's representative for comment.

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Following her 2016 Delirium tour, Goulding was feeling, well, pretty delirious. "I finished touring, moved to New York, and I was jaded, depleted of any artistic inspiration," she told the Guardian a few weeks ago. However, I'm hoping that experience won't put her off touring for too long.

While there's definitely something new going on with Goulding's sound at the moment, she told Billboard that her upcoming album will be "a return of some sorts." She went on:

"It's much less collaborative than the last album. It has much more clarity and space. This album is the album of my voice, and my songwriting, and that's kind of what I've always wanted to do. There will be electronic influences and hip-hop influences, and the music that I grew up listening to and that I'll never be able to shake off. I've always had my own interpretation of what's happening in pop music."

It looks like Goulding is going to be channeling her roots, and I'm feeling very starry eyed about it.