Will 'Good Witch' Return For Season 5? This Show Has The Magic Touch

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There's no denying that Hallmark shows have an avid fanbase — just look at how upset people were about that When Calls the Heart death in the show's most recent season finale. But how does the Hallmark viewership stack up for Good Witch? After its Season 4 finale, can Good Witch fans expect Season 5 to happen? While no renewal has been announced yet, the show seems to have the magic touch to go on for more.

For Good Witch, it may all come down to the ratings, which are totally solid for this show, according to TV Series Finale. It's Hallmark's second most-viewed scripted show after When Calls the Heart, and it has a higher viewership than Hallmark's Chesapeake Shores which was renewed. It also had pretty steady week-to-week numbers, meaning viewers kept coming back all season long. TV Series Finale also reported that the ratings are on par with its previous season, which did result in a renewal.

The fact that it's a legacy show also bodes well. This isn't a matter of Hallmark needing to take a chance on a pilot — Good Witch has been going steadily for four seasons. At that point, a Season 5 is all but a guarantee.

Fans should get the good news soon. According to Deadline, Season 4 was announced in late July 2017, just a few short weeks after Season 3 ended. So audiences might want to keep their eyes peeled for another July announcement from Hallmark. As for when Season 5 could start, based on previous seasons, Good Witch is likely to have a Halloween special in late October 2018 with the full season beginning April of 2019.

Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

The reliability of that Halloween special episode means that fans will only have to wait four months for more Cassie, Grace, Nick, and Sam. And based on what's to come in the Season 4 finale, that short wait time will be much appreciated. Parade posted a sneak peek of the final episode, titled "Tossing the Bouquet," and that name alone makes the episode one to watch. Sam and Cassie are days away from getting married, Nick and Grace are writing their toasts, and it promises to be a magical time — not just because there's gonna be a wedding. It is a show about a (good) witch after all.

But, there will also be some drama (every finale has to have some of that). A Hallmark preview teases that this episode "changes everything" and that "after a series of unfortunate events, Sam and Cassie have to accept that their wedding might not be as perfect as planned." Plus, there's some tension between Nick and Grace (of course) and Martha suffers a huge setback at work.

Ultimately, though, the episode seems to be all about love and the magic of marriage, and Catherine Bell, who plays Cassie, is excited for the fans (affectionately called "Goodies") to see it. "The finale??? #goodies can you believe this?!" tweeted Bell. Ah how time flies when you're having fun with your fave show.

Despite any bumps in the road on the way to planning this wedding, the season has been very feel-good, and fans can't wait to see Sam and Cassie finally tie the knot. Neither can the characters on the show. The wedding quilt that the town made them was beyond precious.

If you can't even wait until Sunday night to see things go down, that's where this preview clip comes in handy. Watch Cassie and Sam try to decide on a honeymoon destination, and Grace try to outdo Nick.

After Sunday's finale, there is one other thing to look forward to. On July 2, Season 4 hits Netflix, so you can re-watch all over again while you wait for Season 5.