The 'Grace And Frankie' Stars Want To Do More Episodes ASAP

by Kayla Hawkins
Melissa Moseley/Netflix

Netflix's Grace and Frankie Season 3 will be dropping all of its episodes on Mar. 24, but as soon as a new season drops, it's time to start wondering about more episodes — it's the hazard of marathoning that you burn through seasons quickly. Will Grace and Frankie return for Season 4? Netflix hasn't announced whether or not the show will be back, but there's no real reason to be worried, since the series has always been quickly renewed by the streaming service. But fans aren't the only ones wondering about how soon the show could come back — the stars, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, have also made their hopes for more very clear.

In an interview with IndieWire from midway through the filming of Season 3, both Tomlin and Fonda spoke openly about how much they'd like for there to be more seasons of Grace and Frankie, and to have them released more quickly. "I wish that they could sparse them out more, so we didn’t have to wait so long for the next season," Fonda told IndieWire. "I mean, I’ve talked to Ted Sarandos [Netflix's Chief Content Officer] about it." Perhaps Tomlin was being wry when she suggested "at least two [seasons] a year," but the stars' enthusiasm for the project is clear.

But since more Grace and Frankie is probably a year away (the usual Netflix schedule) despite the stars' lamentations, here's what the talented cast has been working on in the meantime, and where you can see them after you finish watching Grace and Frankie Season 3.

Jane Fonda

According to Deadline, Fonda will be starring in Our Souls at Night, a new project from Netflix that will pair her with long-ago former costar Robert Redford as neighbors, a widow and widower, who begin to fall in love in their twilight years. There's no release date or trailer yet, but it should be Fonda's next big role, and Deadline predicts at 2017 release date.

Lily Tomlin

Tomlin is fresh off of a Lifetime Achievement acknowledgement at the SAG Awards. And according to IndieWire, she should be starring in road-trip comedy The Road Home, though there's no release date or trailer yet. And she has three live appearances planned for later this year, if you'd like to see her one-woman show, An Evening of Classic Lily Tomlin.

Martin Sheen

Earlier in 2017, Sheen could be seen in a new adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, which is reportedly filming its third installment in Canada, according to The Star. And Sheen was cast as televangelist Oral Roberts in Come Sunday, a film about a schism between Roberts and a protégé after the younger man begins to preach that there is no hell.

Sam Waterston

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Waterson will appear in Netflix's upcoming Western miniseries Godless alongside Jeff Daniels, Michelle Dockery, and Scoot McNairy. The premiere is due in 2017, according to Deadline, part of the streaming service's ambitious slate of releases this year.

Brooklyn Decker

Decker is a costar in Band Aid, a Sundance film picked up by IFC Films for distribution, probably later this year, about a struggling marriage that begins to work better after the arguing couple decides to channel their anger into a band. And she has her own wardrobe curation service, HerFinery.

Ethan Embry

Embry recently played "Real Pete" on the Amazon series Sneaky Pete, and he's also in A Bunch of Dicks, a short FunnyorDie webseries about a group of documentarians who capture a slow chase between a few detectives and some art thieves.

June Diane Raphael

Raphael still recurs on New Girl, as one of Jess' friends, and she's also a costar in The Disaster Artist, a film about the making of The Room, one of the most infamous bad movies of all time. And you can hear her on her podcast, How Did This Get Made?

Baron Vaughn

Vaughn is still a stand up comedian whom you can see perform live, mostly in Los Angeles, and he also has an upcoming Fusion project, Fatherless, about his life growing up without a father, and he'll be in the upcoming Netflix Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot.

So, even if you have to wait awhile for more Grace and Frankie, the cast will be here year-round.