Will Jack & Rebecca Get Divorced On 'This Is Us'? His Move Is Probably Temporary

Justin Lubin/NBC

Leave it to This Is Us to take the world’s best television couple and put them in a blender in the season finale! Oh, my heart! My soul! The twist on This Is Us is that everyone watching collapsed in grief when Rebecca and Jack started screaming at each other. Will Jack and Rebecca get divorced on This Is Us? I’m hopeful that this rough patch is just that.

The big fight started when Jack showed up blind drunk to Rebecca’s concert with her new band. He thought he was being supportive, but really, he was just being an ass. When Jack found out that Ben, the bandleader, had tried to kiss Rebecca, he lost it and slugged him. This was not good for Rebecca, needless to say, and she brought drunken Jack home. It was there that the two had a screaming match, with Rebecca daring Jack to admit that he hates that she finally found something for herself, and Jack telling Rebecca that he knows that their family is not enough for them. It got ugly, and though they went to bed angry, I was really hoping in the morning they could talk it out and be okay. But that wasn’t the case – Rebecca said that even though they felt bad for saying all the things they said, they couldn’t take them back, and they should probably let everything cool down. Now, Jack is staying at Miguel’s apartment.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Now, before you start mourning and writing letters to NBC to make sure that Jack and Rebecca stay together, there’s one more big piece to this fight – in the morning, Jack told Rebecca why he loved her (he couldn’t name reasons the night before) and also that meeting her was “his big break.” Then, after that, I fell over dead on the floor and divorced my husband because he’s never said anything like that to me. I mean, Jack. How perfect. Despite the fact that Jack and Rebecca just had a mega fight, I really think these two are devoted to each other. As Jack said, this is a blip in their relationship, and it will be forgotten quickly.