Will Jackson & Maggie Get Together On 'Grey's Anatomy'? April Is Jealous Of Her Old Flame

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Sound the alarm for a new couple alert on Grey’s Anatomy! Maggie and Jackson have always been friendly, but now it seems that things are progressing into something more. Will Maggie and Jackson date on Grey’s Anatomy? At first I didn’t like the idea, but now I think they’d make a fabulous couple, if April doesn’t get too jealous.

The buds of romance started between Maggie and Jackson when Maggie’s mother passed away. Jackson was the only one who knew about her cancer, and he couldn’t tell Maggie (that whole patient confidentiality thing). And Maggie’s mom asked him not to! It was a hard secret to keep, but he did it, partly to protect Maggie and partly to protect her mother. After Maggie’s mother died, Jackson was Maggie’s shoulder to cry on. Following the explosion in the penultimate episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, Jackson leaves to find Stephanie, but Maggie follows along behind him. Maggie is terrified he’ll be trapped alone and die, and you know what happens when the going gets tough — the real feelings come out. April calls Maggie on it, too, tell her that it sure seems like Maggie and Jackson are feeling each other. April knows Jackson, and she knows when he’s in love.


Now, Jackson isn’t in love, but eventually, he could be with Maggie. I love April and Jackson together, and I really thought something was going to happen with them when they got back from Jackson Hole, but I guess that’s all over. Jackson needs someone else to love, and since he’s into very Type-A women, Maggie is perfect. She’s beautiful, smart, and ready for a long-term partnership. Let’s see where this goes in Season 14, shall we?